Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 15

another "blast from the past" as I wait to get my office (hence, computer & cam) put back together... this time... from July 2004. Feels like yesterday. :)

What'd I say 'bout the weather-idiots? No rain at all yesterday. It got windy in the evening... but then... clear night.
And it's another gorgeous day here in Ottawa. Nothing but sun on the schedule with short interruptions for darkness and sleep... but mostly... sunshiney goodness. :)

Last night was soccer practice for the boys...
Me spending close to two hours in the walk-in clinic... to get more meds for the sinus infection. (total ug zone)
and then? an den? an den... meeting friends visiting from Gabriolla island (BC) at our new pad and hanging out.

I scoped out stainless steel back-splashes from jennair (made my range) and from faber (made my range hood) and found ... many many hundreds of dollars were getting ready to jump out of my wallet again. So I went to this place in an industrial park on the edge of ottawa yesterday after work and had them cut me a sheet of 22 gage stainless steel. 55$ (after tax) later and I have a beautiful backsplash.
So I spent the evening figuring out how to hang this sheet on the wall ... before putting the fan on ... and before the granite guys show up today to put the back-plate granite on behind the slide in range. This took quite a lot of time. :) (but saving money is always a great way to end a day. :D :D)
Hopefully, I'll get the fan on tonight. (sigh)

I think suzanne may go on strike soon if I don't get her computer set up and on-line. :)

~ blue ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ bright white golf shirt... :)
~ up and meet the granite guy out front early to talk turkey about what needs fixen. :)
~ work work work.
~ home tonight to meet the culligan man and talk about the notion that our water is now so freaking soft, you cant get soap off your ass.
~ watch bb7... :)
~ to send mega hugs and lots of good vibes out to sylvidoptera ... just cuz
~ that peeps would be just a wee bit more "fair" with my girl uniclycommon is sing-sing land.
~ for solutions to work their way into crayolaphoenix's world.
~ and for my dear teasdale to find the door into sleep as she wanders the hallways of her current life. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday easilydistractd!!! May all your dreams ... be within reach.

George Bush: "We need to lower the percentages of casualties among our troops in Afghanistan and Eye-rack... so I've decided to send a whole lot more troops."

Driving out of the office complex yesterday... I see this guy... head and face shaved long enough ago that it was all growing back in a decidedly dark-chiapet like way... a big guy... but not a fat guy... One of those... "if you met him in a dark alley, you'd be nervous" looking guys. He was roller blading, and I noticed him when he came to a stop at an intersection... executing a remarkably graceful 360 that he then reversed with the same grace, including appropriate hand and arm gestures to seal the deal as "he totally knows what he's doing". It was quite something. Once again, painting a giant "don't judge a book by it's cover" poster over life.

Fort Minor: Where'd ya go... (downloading).
need the name of this song so I can hunt it down.
(or so someone can mysteriously email it to me...*)

* ""mysteriously" just sounded cool there... nothing really mysterious about it. :D

Song lyric from a very contemporary song on the top 40 stations:
(chorus - girl voices)
Where'd ya go
I miss you so
seems like forever
since you've been gone
(stanza - rapper dude voice)
I want you to know
it's a little messed up...

(blarg... that's all I got...)
anyone? Beuller?

:) K, gotta jet. later skaters. :D

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