Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 7 ... The Day Before.

This is the face of a guy that knows he does not have enough boxes.
I could sure use another 30 4cu-ft boxes... gah!
edit: ~ SCORE!!

We got loads done yesterday... and the night sure wore on... but it's Monday... ONE DAY TO GO.

Tomorrow is D-Day... er... P-Day... possession day.
I'll own two houses... for two days. Yikes.

The plan is that I pick up a cargo van tomorrow morning and we move two appliances to my brothers house...
The lawyer calls... and the kids go to my folks house.
Then after we do the paper work with the lawyers... we do a few runs to the house to move all the geek and very breakable stuff.
Then we run around like mad to finish all that is still undone...
And Wednesday morning... bright and early... the big-ass truck arrives with worker bees to do all the "lift and tote" stuff.
We hired some cleaners to do a quick job of de-messing our old house while we get settled in the new one.
Get the kids back in the afternoon... and ... be done.

Over the next two days... Thursday and Friday... we get our appliances delivered... people show up to install stuff and we ... unpack.
I hope to have connectivity by friday. :) (cross yer fingers.)

So a little later today... I take apart all the geek and get it ready for the hustle and flow.

ps. thank you for all the encouragement over the last year. This has been a wild wild and crazy ride. :)

~ blue ftls
~ white t.
~ pack pack pack...
~ MUST find more boxes. No really... what was I thinking... !!! ahhhhhh!
~ to send very big words of hope out to kissekat ... May you find all that you are seeking.
~ for strength, peace and ... a lot of love... to wash over ladymeg1... an angel I know ... with long red hair...
~ and to send a little of that "go you" vibe to meremonami.. just cuz. :)

[:: this is my 'web site tour' of our current home :: ]
Versus the mess we're making...
Like... yesterday...

[ :: The Office :: ]
[ :: Ed's room :: ]
[ :: Our room :: ]
[ :: Geo's room :: ]
[ :: Linen closet :: ]
[ :: Living room :: ]
[ :: Dining room :: ]
[ :: Kitchen :: ]
[ :: Family room :: ]
[ :: The garage :: ]
[ :: Basement 1 :: ]
[:: Basement 2 :: ]
[ :: Basement 3 (geek corner) :: ]

K... wish us luck...
Oh yeah... it's fricking hot man!!!
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