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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Mr. Angry Pants

Where in... the story begins to swirl menacingly around Janelle. It's the magic "plot mania" stage of the game, and there, in the middle of everything is a giant pink explosion... and, oh look! Will is there too. Surprise surprise. We get cruelty in the food games, and blood everywhere in the veto game.

Loser say what?
(aka "The Nomination and Veto shows in about 60 seconds.")
Ok, Marcellas continues to like nothing, Janelle gets a big pink HoH, and Will gets face time with Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, "Lady P" for short!. James has his "outside the 6'ers thing" with the black and white D-girls and is work'en man-from-uncle-like to keep white-D (Diane) off the block. They play food, and when you earn-it for yourself you have to / get to put someone else on slop. Payback's a bitch. Janelle and Diane should not be allowed in kitchens. (no, Janie, bananas don't magically get old on top of fridges... that's called forgetting them.) More Will on Pinky action and she noms Ms Intesity, aka Erika and Boogers. George is flummoxed. (!!! I got to say "flummoxed"!!) Janie lies her face of to Erika, then lies to James, who is lying to her, while Kaysar lurks, and Howie jumps back and forth over whoever is in charge saying "what're we gonna do today Spike?". The 6'ers -although it's really just James being pushy - expect to dump Boogie, but Janie wants Boogie to be veto'ed so she can backdoor another floater... namely Diane. Danielle is the invisible shadow girl tonight. Veto is evil, and it starts with pick-em’s the night before, Janie telling Howie to shoot for Boogie to win, and they get wonky fan-phone-in-screams every 15 minutes over-night then play Torture Veto pre-dawn. It's a word game deal with winners handicapping the others with ... bucket of squirming larvae poured on feet, or screaming headphones, etc. Janie and Howie both handicap Diane, instead of Boogie... putting the righteously indignant vibe in James as her side deal with Will and Boogie becomes evident. Mr. Angry Pants then goes on to completely lose it - again - when a veto'ed Boogie is replaced by none-other than the white-D. Wowza... He's all about the vows of terrifying revenge, and rot like that. Meanwhile Boogie needs 10 stitches to sew up the toe he opened while kicking a prop during his veto victory dance. They get a luxury game of two teams goofing around with a stock-car and doing pit-crew stuff... winners get to much out watching Talladega Nights. Captain Nutbar - loveable George - would get to eat!! but alas, his team is SOL. Oh look, James is having a hissy fit. dum di dum...

Fav Quote
Janie (at the nom ceremony): "Boogie... I dislike you very much!"

Howie: "The strategy of confusion is working this year... On me!"

Most Memorable Moment
Will... at the movie... going bananas on the candy counter... Ed, my eight year old, was just killing himself laughing.

I'm in total agreement with the Will and Janelle show. The game will be more fun for everyone if the final 6 are two real teams trying to slaughter each other. The floaters pose a real threat to that... so down with floaters. However, James likes his side deal better than he likes Janelle's side deal.

Darwin's Dessert
Marcellas dissing out peeps that would "do this" re: the wake up calls... and I'm like... "Hello Pot? This is kettle..." Marcellas you free riding, good for nuth'en, girly man complainer.

The winner...
Still on Janelle.

Two things...
~ oh my god... george!!! I saw him drinking something that looked like a choco shake... what's up? can he mix gruel with choco powder?
~ James really thinks he is more in the right than Janelle. He is being a tool.

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