Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Oh Widzig The Magnificent, heal me...

k... I feel like absolute ass.
dead people... like Keith Richards... prol'y feel better than I do.

sad realization that it's either a new level of hellish allergy land or ... it's just a punk ass cold.
either way... me = ug!
totally ug.

Made a great dinner though...
bbq'd rainbow trout, corn-on-the-cob ... fresh! and some rice.
On a whim... and cuz they were on sale for 2.99 (!!!!) when I went for groceries earlier,
I put out a shrimp ring before dinner.
Geo had a few... I had a few... Ed started in on them... I turned my back for just a moment...
... and Ed had consumed the rest - save two that I brought to Suz.
That boy likes his shrimp.

Now it's time to go see if there's a good rental out there...

With the time off needed for the move...
OMG I cannot afford to be absent from work and sick like a dog.!!!

I will now pray.
I will pray to Widzig The Magnificent.
I mean... anything less would be kinda hypocritical... :)

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