Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 30

Well despite the ongoing warnings of all the weather idiots... still no rain. It clouded up a bit yesterday, but no rain to speak of. :)

We had the water guy come out ... see below... and we went and took another look at front loading washer and dryer sets... the new Whirlpool Duet "sport" models look like they might just be the winners. Good suspension for main and second floor laundry.

Dinner and swimming at my SILs house with the whole family... it was really a nice get together... but man, I'm suffering.

Suffering? why?
Let me explain...
battery acid is dripping down the back of my nose into my throat...
and I have blown enough snot out of my nose to fill a pickle barrel.
I only have "cold caps" in the med box... and they just make me tired and stupid... So I'm off to the store to by some reactine (anti-snot) and hope for a bit of a reprieve from this torture.

Oh yeah... I fixed the problem with the video link in the house update. ;)

~ black ftls
~ dark blue shorts
~ gray t...
~ to go to wally-land... get "reactine" (formyrunnyhead), and several other "oh, you're going to wallmart? I need.... " things.
~ call a few stores I hope are open on Sundays... need to pick up speakers (ceiling of new house family room - rear surround speakers)
~ to to skate park... Geo's acting lazy... we'll see if I go without him. :)
~ no plans for tonight, except watching BB7
~ there were new battlestar galactica's to watch...
~ that the next three months and three weeks .. is enough time for ladyfirelisa to get everything ready!
~ that mags and sarah... (waves to pertinentwires) have a great adventure in Disney...
~ that kitiaraenjoys that new mattress... soooo many jokes... may explode...
~ I had an inspectorjury red bowler with three stones. :)
~ and finally, that debby doesn't get her hands on a hand gun today. :)

So water.
Who knows about well water?
We have 10 times the acceptable iron - makes the water reddish, enough tannins to make the water yellowish (mix it together and we have slightly orange water). No smell yet... but apparently we may end up with a sulfur smell soon. And the bacteria count is "way below" whatever is supposed to be acceptable. So no problem with bacteria ... yet.
We are looking at a settling tank and this "adds alum" system, for the tannins.
A big-ass filter thing for the iron, sulfur and taking out the tannin wrapped alum.
Then a water softener...
And a reverse osmosis thing for a drinking tap by the sink and "in the fridge".
... and dude... all of this is wicked crazy ass many thousands of dollars, expensive.
Is culligan really all that?

I may have to kill myself to stop this nose-blowing...

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