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Tables and Chairs...

Got up with the boiz again today and goofed around... tried to really chill out today and relax. Our friend, laini, has a visitor all the way over in England and this makes me way happy... her friend has come to stay for a bit... yeah!...

We took off for the afternoon on an adventure to totally drive ourselves nuts looking for new dinning room chairs and a coffee table ... the "nuts" part was 'cause we took the boiz...

Note to self: drop them off somewhere, anywhere, before you go shopping for furniture..

That last pic is one of the new "Can I take your picture?" Intersection Cams we have in Ottawa.

Those big box stores... Like the Brick, etc. are such a drag. The sales staff just suck ... one dude actually dissed me in the home theater section... I told 'em he was an ass and left. But mostly the kids drove us bonkers while we realized that these stores weren't gonna have the furniture we want.. we're off antiquing tomorrow.

Came home and chilled some more! Ordered a pizza... Z points out that we don't want the kids to have coke again with dinner (they had some at lunch) so i call back the pizza place and opt for the two pizza deal instead of the 2 liter bottle of coke deal... Got the pizza's and they included the coke any ways... Come home to find that Geo is staying at the neighbors for dinner so that's two medium pizza's for Z, Ed and moi... too much food. One pizza is in the freezer. :D

Z went to her moms house (walking distance .. and no jokes.. My in-laws are great!) for most of the evening... while I got stuff done for the regular evening ritual with the kids ... funny how that works out...

Lets see... raised my monitor up a bit... Looking at myself in that cam image has basically made me all self conscious of the secondary chin option I'm sporting... gotta stop staring "down" at my monitor :D And here I sit. Oh, I got to talk to gailbird ... well chat... What is it about me and peeps from Boston... seriously, it's almost eery... :D All good, but eery!

Speaking of Boston... my pal Ladyfire should be home soon... I hope and prey that all is well with her and her whirl-wind trip to Norway.

{{ my warmest moments these daiz are so clearly saved for laini... peace all over you sugar.}}

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