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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Time To Discard A Tool

Where in... we see the j-man beggin votes, but decides instead to do the stupidest thing... EVAH! Oh, Boogie has a wet dream, we get a big George focus, a quick look at Shannon-Toothbrush... and, sorry man, but Kaysar could only look more like a terrorist if he strapped some tnt to his chest. Somebody goes home... and dude!!! Julie just does not like the loser...

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in exactly 10 seconds...")
Jayce is so full of it, it's EXPLODING from his nostrils. He's begging for votes, then goes and tells Danielle – a solid vote in his favour – that he's promised the 666'ers that he'll vote off floaters... um... IDIOT. We get a nice view of the Loser Lounge that has... morphed into a big plastic hibiscus plant. They feed us a little George-focus moment ... and, you know those "Little Miss Mess" or "Little Mr. Loud" etc. kiddie books? Well George looks just like the big fat purple guy in "Mr. Skinny" We get to see Wil's date from back when we gave a crap... Shannon, the girl that put some dudes toothbrush in the toilet... and she looks kinda hot yo. After she tells us that Wil looks like an Oompa Loompa, we get to watch Jayce get nailed with a 9 – zero!!!! Vote and fried off the show. (weeeee) and then, for added fun and excitement, Julie kicks his ass. Bwwahahahahaha... HoH is a nasty game of "get the right answer, and get to chuck someone out of the game"... and Ms. Niptacular wins it for the 666'ers.

Fav Quote
Julie... to Jayce, when he says he should be on "survivor"... "Well, there's no mirrors for flat-irons in Survivor." BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB...

Oh but wait... she's not done....

Julie... at the end of the Loser Lounge moments... "Do you want to see what your housemates had to say in the event that they ALL VOTED TO EVICT YOU?" (stab stab stab stab... hahahaha sucker!!! Man he must be pissed....)

Most Memorable Moment
Kinda had to be... the minute we spent watching Boogie climbing into the bathtub with bikini clad Erika and Janelle. Call me transparent and superficial... but ... yeah... gee... poor guy. J

They had the clear opportunity to get rid of William-The-Manipulator... and they blew it. For this, they will all likely suffer.
Did you see how James backed off on the Hate George vibe? Yeah...

Darwin's Dessert
Jayce Jayce Jayce... you idiot. Telling Danielle that you made the deal with the 666'ers to fry floaters... was just butt-head stupid. Please change your name to Beavis... and you can leave your hair the same. Thanks.

The winner...
It's all about the girl with the fake and always happy nipples. Janelle is still money girl in my estimation.

Two things...
~ whoa... was Julie digging her nails into the open sores on Jayce or what? Hahahahaha
~ 9 to zero? Hahahaha... man, did he play this game wrong. What a tool.
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