Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 28

So, yeah... I was laughing up a storm when I snapped that... mostly because I was goofing around trying to take an "Oh my god, I have a devil tongue" picture... [ :: sad but true proof :: ] and a few of those came out wicked weird and...well, I was laughing. :)

It's g-g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous outside. And I'm staring at an ugly maroon cubicle.

I'm all about work today... so much to do ... and I feel a bit confused with some of my clients expectations, blah blah blah... work is hard. big surprise. I guess, if it were easy they would pay much for it... So whatever. I gotta suck it up and just nail things together.

I had a brilliant drive in to work... but it's an end-of-July-Friday... and I work in a government town... so i'm guessing the roads to cottage country and chalk-a-block fat with ergonomic chair bums in mid sized cars with trunks full of beer. :) Loads of space in the parking lot. Party on mon amis...

Hey... our builders (home) called and want our permission to submit our house to an annual, regional, "home builders association" competition. :D
D'uh... we said yes. :) They'll be taking pictures after we get our appliances in. Cool beans.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ blue p-z jeans
~ dark blue b.u.m. nice button up shirt. (don't get me started)
~ grab my demons by the horns and see if I can shake a little sense into them. Or is it "out of them"?? either way, yo.
~ write about BB7 later...
~ skate park? It's been FOREVER since Geo and I have been to the skate park... and I want to (shhhh) take him to the BIG BIG skate park in centertown as a surprise. Maybe do that with him tomorrow morning early. We'll see. :)
~ kiss suzanne sixty million times... because... well, it's fun to kiss her. :)
~ to send some good mojo type wishes out to little miss secret issues sometimes59... (hugs, sugar)
~ big wishes for the complicated universe... to sort itself out for sexsatan04
~ that people would maybe ... you know... have a little respect in psychomagnet's world
~ for just some big "better" vibes to land on ladymeg1
~ and for a little good fortune to find darkbay and her little doggy...

You've gotta love how the "world leaders" get to have it both ways...
I'm just getting more and more disgusted with our Prime Minister as each day passes. If he could crawl up George Bushes butt and make a home there... I'm quite certain he would. (Dear Steven Harpee... please start using your own brain soon... we need a leader ... not a Bush Croney)
"Oh... it was an accident... we didn't mean to SHOOT LASER GUIDED MULTI MILLION DOLLAR ROCKETS into your UN Bunker... and blow up your peace keepers"
Yeah... because that's what you do with rockets that cost as much as the GNP of small african countries... you shoot them off without aiming them... yeah... right.
a) Israel continues to be a giant erect and seedless penis ... like a country on viagra with no girlfriend... slamming away but accomplishing... nothing.
b) Stupid pathetic Lebanon and the Lebanese people that the news-nerds put in the sound bites... What exactly did you think? You could allow a bunch of retards to blast away at a neighboring country ... let alone A NEIGHBORING BULLY... and never suffer the consequences?
It (Israel's response) is in no way a "measured response"... it's vastly over the top... but but but but... so? What does anyone expect them to do?
I say... Israel should carpet bomb southern Lebanon until it's nothing but craters and rubble... no life forms what-so-ever...
And then... someone should carpet bomb Israel... until there's nothing but desert... no life forms what-so-ever...
Then we can all get back to worrying about North Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iran, ... er... who am I forgetting.

GAh... what a bunch of capital L losers!!!! Screw off already or ... hurry up and die. I'm sick sick sick sick to freaking death of the Middle Fucking East. You were better off as a desert.

So this guy... Lavine... gets four years in jail for killing a pedestrian while DRIVING DRUNK. He (lavine) had a prior arrest for DUI... the murder he committed happened because he left the road... drove along a sidewalk... and plowed into this couple... killing the boy and injuring - for life - the girl. And he gets four years jail and seven year driving suspension. Note: four years of that seven year suspension will have burned off while he upgrades his education and skills and gets room and board paid for in a jail. LITTLE FUCKER.... He should be in a cell with Bubba-The-Wonder-Knob for the rest of his fricking life. Or maybe just let the injured girl have at him with a baseball bat?

So ... I seem to go through these "cycles"... Suz call's 'em my man-pms... but screw the label. It's just that, with some regularity, I end up in a very weird and dark place of self doubt and frustration. It comes on like gangbusters... I can go from happy or average... to the brink of tears over frustrations with work in a day. And it'll take another day to escape that vibe and get back to business. Yesterday was one of those days. Apparently, I've been ramping up for that for a few days now... but I don't notice the "ramp up"... (the family does) I only notice when the shit hits the fan... like yesterday. It's almost like what I've read people describing as a panic attack. Whatever it is... it sucks donkey cocks and I hate hate hate it.
I read a "load" (35 posts) on my friends page... and concluded that there was a lot of crap there... and compiled a list of 200 names to fry off my fp with a big friends cut... and, fortunately, I controlled my angst and only moved 120 journals to my "not on my default view" list. I mean... most of those were... are... easy decisions to stop reading and some of them ... it was hard to not fricking delete them. Still might... but not until I'm all calmed down and I can be confident I'm deleting journals from my list that are truly useless... versus journals that are just targets of my foul mood. I'm feeling lots better today... and maybe after the weekend I'll be back on top of my game.
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