Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

A Plucked Blue Chicken

Where in... two more house-mats get nominated, somebody wins - and actually uses - the veto thing, and the painfully gay black explosion of uselessness begins to fawn over a middle eastern fruit. Oh and the house is overrun by a bunch of smurfs.

Loser say what?
(aka "Two shows in about 55 seconds...")
Mr. Mommy-Hips is head boy and all about the sit-ups, and the testosterone begins to flow. Boogie notes that George has morphed into the Brady's housekeeper, Alice and Danielle warns Hip-Boy that putting up a pawn to get Alice chucked will fail... pawn-jobs seldom rule. They play for food and everybody rocks... except black, bald, gay and useless. This surprises no one. Nor does Wil turning orange after getting an apparent can-o-tan. James puts George and Agent Orange on the block, and if you can picture the Kids In The Hall Chicken Lady exploding... well that's George. He does not want to leave. Marcellas openly wants to bathe in the aroma of Saint Kaysar’s ball sweat, and starts calling him the Iraqi Peach. A brief, coherent moment for George puts the fear in Howie, and then it's veto time. Several levels of self abuse that includes a shaved head and bathing in freshly squeezed blueberry juice, then climaxes in a hot steamy load of "slop" permanently on the menu for the plucked blue chicken... but he gets to own the veto. He saves his very own pappa-smurf butt while Agent Orange literally promises to be Damien Omen IV if they don't evict him. So, with great drama and circumstance - a. la. Psycho Abs Jayce throwing a ‘roid rage-a-thon - James puts Jayce up beside Will. And everyone acts like Jayce is going home. Hello? Damien? !

Most Memorable Moment
Close call between Howie asking James if he can have one of his "HoH room" pictures of Sarah (James girlfriend), and watching James have a punk-ass fit after George wins the veto. Sucka!!

Is Will that good? wtf!
Please Danielle... win HoH and nominate Marcellas!!!!

Darwin's Dessert
James has such a hate on for George and it's unreasonable. It's making him act out and perhaps fucking with his judgment. It will be his undoing.

The winner...
Still bankrolling Janelle.

Two things...
~ bad mojo on Kaysar for not so coldly turning on George when he begged (and bartered) for a break in the veto game!
~ can he survive on Slop?

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