Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 26

Oh how I love waking up and shuffling through a quiet house to get out for work. Nobody to feed except myself... and cute sleeping people to walk around and kiss goodbye.

It started out as a lovely day but the weather idiots keep talking about rain... big surprise.
Let it rain... although... it would be really nice to get back to the skate park. !!!!

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ beige button up short sleeve... (no consensus on the "short sleeve dress shirt" description!)
~ off to work I go... hi ho ... hi ho...
~ drill head into monitor ... over and over ... wait... it's a 15 inch panel... (lovely ... ug) that would break it... erg...
~ make some calls to sort out the "other water test" results from the new house...
~ write something about BB7 tonight.
~ cook up a storm at dinner... :) BBQ? we'll see.
~ watch Treasure Hunters (taped)
~ that I get a chance to listen to the Nikki-Show on Wave Station X (mp3) ...
~ for things to get a whole lot better for dotcombabe and her sore back!!!!
~ I had a "blow up that SUV" button on the dash board of my civic...
~ to say that I think carorules is some seriously good people... smooch
~ and for a little bit of luck, in just the right measure, for tonya

Birthday moments...
A very happy and slightly late birthday wish out to pigpen, whom I am assuming is still the main squeeze in the life and times of a little gale bird I know... May this birthday - as with all birthdays - mark a time in your life that opens the doors to new and exciting times. Enjoy.
And a happy birthday to an absent Apanea... (apneatic)... may there be real love in your life little picture girl.

"OOOOPS... ah Harah... Tistom et a-pe? Don't tell me... Avram!!! Let me guess... we just bombed the United Nations bunker... Oyi!!!!?"
Look... it's bad enough that everybody has to put up with your stupid hissy fits over some pathetic sand dunes... but now your bombing UN bunkers?

If you're gonna be a SUV driver... you might want to FIGURE OUT HOW BIG YOUR VEHICLE IS so you don't always appear to be someone that absolutely has no clue and is destroying the planet for no good reason. CLUE: You're Expedition is not a Focus, and you are one scary freakshow when you drive with the left side of your SUV over the center line... tit.

There's really nothing wrong with thinking
It's the doing... or, more to the point, having it done... where things get tricky.

Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas... :)

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