Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 23

So I'm sick.
Well... not at this very moment, but ... when the tylonal night time cold caps wear off... my nose will return to his normal condition of trying to drain all the fluids out of my body and turn me into a dry human husk. Not good.

We went to the house yesterday... it's kinda depressing to see the floor in the dining room torn up... but their doing what has to be done.
The move is getting so close I can taste it.
Things - in general... with work, home and family... are going so well lately... that I'm really enjoying the excitement of our big move (versus being all tripped out and panicked... or feeling stressed. :)
OH... and we skateboarded in the new garage... must see video!

We leave on a camping trip today... family "car camping" fun with fires, tents, swimming in a freezing cold lake... and enjoying sand being in everything we own. Fun eh. :)

~ blue ftls
~ white sleeping t...
~ and some sleep bits in my eyes
~ two more quick errands to run, for tikki torches and a bottle of tikki juice (citronella), and ice.
~ pack the cooler
~ pack the car...
~ pack the kids...
~ and drive to silver lake.
~ camp for three days...
~ come home. :)
~ honestly, ... that I wasn't going camping. But in the end, it'll all be good.
~ that I didn't have a cold!!
~ that my little melting muffin... er...crushdmb finds some relief from this summer's heat!!!
~ to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap... some wolfiegirl bum bum bum bum .... :) (tap tap tap)
~ that things go well for lindalee_... just cuz... :)

BIG EXCITEMENT... Google Earth and Google Maps have new sat images!!! Our house (ok, the "Lot" where our house has been built) is not on the "resolved" zone...
[ :: google maps link :: ]

Today is a busy busy day. :)

I hope you guys out in la la land (or should that be lj land?) have decent weather, good eats and a great sunday!!

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