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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Rocket Man Returns

Where in... Julie, resplendent in her silver leash, walks us through the next eviction, and we are treated to another Muslim 101 class with the K-mans family, an OMG moment with George, a secret alliance, a black Cher and ... damn if that's not a hookah!

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in about 25 seconds... if you read fast")
Second eviction and George is gone... Nakomis gets evicted but George has fucking left the building. He's in his trip to Daytona beach neon lime green t-shirt, shorts and thirty seven feet of tin foil... including a way-to-short-to-be-cool silver cape. But never mind about captain short bus, Diane and Nakomis are up for eviction ... and Julie takes about 11 seconds to get her first uncomfortable silence as she asks about botox, Howie love and wrinkles. Marcy proclaims his love for Kaysar, and we head right from the love of a flaming gay black man to The Muslim Diaries with Kaysar family interviews. Basically this is an excuse to cut in video moments of barely contained breasts pressing against the brown man while his sister tells us what a good boy he is. The editors do this big long work up on Jayce and Diane having a top secret, Mr and Mrs Smith, alliance... and virtually nothing on Nakomis. We zoom from house-mat to house-mat discussing the scary secret Diane alliance ... and see a couple of seconds of Nak-Nak sucking a little figurative HoH cock. The votes come back as 8 to 2 and it's time to watch Julie ask Nak-Nak stupid questions in the loser lounge. James snags the next HoH, narrowly defeating Danielle and dashing my hopes that she would nominate Marcellas. (lol)

Fav Quote
Marcellas, in a giant 'fro wig, looking like a black Cher proclaims "I am falling love with Kaysar!" ... and the best part is Janelle in the foreground bursting out laughing.

Most Memorable Moment
Howie, slamming a little kiss on the cheek to poor poor pitiful William. Oh my freaking god this Howie love thing is getting so weird it's left "awkward" in the dust and is well and truly hilarious.

Too bad Diane and Jayce blew their cover, if they have a cover to blow (although we definitely heard Diane say "just pretend to hate me!!" at one point). The idea of a decent secret alliance - and they're a great pair for that - is a sure fire "fun bobby" moment in the show.
They voted to fry Nakomis and I don't really know why...

Darwin's Dessert
Oh come on George... wtf?

The winner...
Still with nipple girl...

Two things...
~ fun moment when I realized they were hauling off on a hookah pipe. I guess it's a new "cool thing" and no-doubt, there's "flavored tobacco" a'plenty. But you're not fooling me.
~ "was your head in the game?" oh geezus Julie... could you ask some more stupid questions?

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