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Big Brother 7 Update!!!

Big Brother 7

Scotch Free (and Un-edjumicated)

Where in... Diane spends an episode in tears, Nakomis sets herself on fire, Howie deals with shrinkage and Janelle smokes... !!!! It's Veto night... and - true to form - a "most boring" show.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in exactly 10 seconds...")
Diane, bent on dropping four or five pounds by crying off the weight, wanders around bawling in an effort to gain sympathy... gets herself in a tizzy over the way everyone who is not in the dreaded Season Six alliance seems to be trying to brainwash her... so she invokes the Charles Manson thing and we can officially write her off as a nut bar. Nice ass... but a nut bar. Jayce lays on a bed and cries... because he's a raging poooofster... and he misses his girlfriends daughter. James plays along... I mean, have you looked at Jayce? I'd play along. The season-sixers turn on Kaysar and his reason for putting up D&N as a pansy move by someone afraid of Will and Mike, so they hope for a veto and the chance to put up some chill. Will sends an errand boy up to fetch Kaysar so he can act the power-puff over the nominations and make like Kaysar could have opted to ... what ??? nominate Julie? Oh and Will offers to go up... but didn't mean it and realized almost too late that he was being an idiot. They play a game of giant golf that everybody sucks big red pulsing cocks at... except Erika, who - in a strange ironic twist - does not suck. She wins, gets the veto thing and then, typically, does nothing with it. No veto... Diane and Nakomis are still up on the block.

Fav Quote
"It's like Charles Manson and his crew out there..." hahahaha ... Diane feeling the pressure of the group-think that is going on with the "everybody else" team.

Most Memorable Moment
After a boring show... the credits begin to roll, and we get 5 seconds of Will's face as Howie delicately and lovingly strokes the back of Will's neck. It's hilarious and , it's just fricking weirdness squared man. :)
Although that is "most memorable" just ahead of Howie getting on national TV, stuck in the shower with no towel and having to do the "hold yer boys" walk.

So the Season Six Team : Kaysar (who is a lot less smart than all his relatives think), Janelle, James, and Howie... versus ... Everybody else. Forget that "Chill Town" crap or the Season Five this and that... it's Season Six versus the rest of them. Team "Everybody Else" is being manipulated by Will... even though Jayce has his own plan... he has his own plan alone. Never a good framework for success in this show.

Darwin's Dessert
Will and his "go get Kaysar... I want to hold court" thing was just wrong. A) made him look like an idiot because he didn't hold it together and B) his last second offer to go up instead of one of the noms... was just wicked stupid. Please mumble "stupid" every time you see Will on Thursday... mmmk?

The winner...
Still dripping money onto Janelle's bare tummy...

Two things...
~ Yes, I too would enjoy eating 10,000 calories of whipped cream off Erika's endless legs. (Boogie had a b-day and they gave him a surprise party with yumminess - including Erkia and the whipped cream thing - and half the house was on "Gruel Feul" for the week, so they couldn't eat. ar ar ar ...
~ Nakomis... dye's her hair fire red fading to yellow... has orange clothes to match and eye makeup to match. No planning there at all.

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