Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

In the interests of Clarity ...
On the subject of my space and things like VOX.

I am a livejournal kinda guy. This is my blog... period.
I have a "blogger blog"... but I joined that too late to score the "corto" handle.
I have a my space... "corto"... which gets a "hey... you stole my name, mutha" email occasionally...
Now I have a vox ... "corto"... and honestly, I will look at see what's what there... but my limited (oh I'm sooo special) time will not likely let me spend any great amount of time on vox. But I will name-sit and do so happily.

My Space... !!! Every single time I have clicked something to go to myspace... logged in as me or not logged in... I have been met with a screen filled with pictures of little girls wishing they were older and doing their best to act like they think they should if they want to convince people they're older... (clue - older girls are not all hoe bags... get a grip brittney) This is not conducive to review while at work... nor is it reasonable to check out when the kids are around at home... and when I'm finally alone at home ... I've got better things to do than navigate My Space. I do not like my-space... not in a box and not with a fox. However, I've heard it's the cat's meow for getting indi band music.

Vox: jury is still out and when I have an opinion ... I'll share it. :)
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