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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Find The Bread On Will!

Where in... the many overconfident personalities that came into the house, start to realize they are just one more log for the fire unless they start playing things closer to the hip. Except Will who can't stop plotting to be a liar, Howie who can't settle down or Erika, who can't stop the cream running down her thigh every time she sets her eyes on Kaysar.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in exactly 10 seconds...")
The post-eviction-of-skank-monkey-Allison fog parts a little and we see Danielle deciding to pucker up and get a little sphincter love and William The Smooth has himself a little "the merits of cosmetic surgery" moment with Kaysar the walking Erika vibrator. Will thinks - or is portraying someone who thinks - that any facial line is a bad line that needs to go (notice his line free face, of course, he's only 12). They get to see Kaysar's new HoH Room and the big fun is that they totally redecorate the room for each Head House Mat. Howie runs around screaming a lot and he seems to be working on getting Will hugely angry with him (Find the (white) bread on (very pale) Will!) and we watch as the various house mat divisions become obvious. More tears from "I told myself I wouldn't cry in this house" Erika as she confesses anything / everything to Kaysar and basically promises to bear his children... and I swear there was steam rising from her ass. Jayce has Will's number (phew) and Big Brother has everyone's attention as they do their first food competition. No PB&J for these guys... it's BB Slop (looks like lumpy cream of wheat...ick!). Bobbing for plastic rats in BB Slop earns half the gang good eats... and the other half... five days of getting angry. Howie takes on George as his Padawan Learner (big goofy Jedi nut bar that he is) and Kaysar slams Nakomis and Diane up on the block because... he thinks he has a plan.

Fav Quote
Will: "I do my own botox" and DEAD SILENCE... and everyone shuffles away from Freak Boy Will.

George: "We rocked out in there today!!" Me-thinks perhaps chicken man has been listening to the kids radio station a little bit...

Janelle (re: the slop) "This reminds me of prison food..." Um... WHAT? Really... what were you in for?

Most Memorable Moment
Has to be Mike The Idiot Boogie grabbing Diane's ass, (by the center line folks.. .no cheeks for Boogie), lifting her, and ramming her deeper into the slop during the food game... hahahaha...

So we have several teams;
Howie, Kaysar, Janelle and James
Diane and Nakomis
Boogie and Will
All the unallied kids; George, Erika, Marcellous, and Jayce.

Darwin's Dessert
Kaysar's brainiac moment comes when he decides to approach Will - like he has to give a shit what Will thinks????? - to parley for three weeks of non-aggression in favour of frying off the various un-allied folks. So he puts up Nakomis and Diane??? I call that a twit move. He should have been getting those two girls on his side... and frying Will and Boogie.
So for his trouble he'll have... Will and Boogie still in the house, and two girls hot to kick his brown-boy-ass...

The winner...
Still liking Janelle and thinking Nakomis does not have any clue as to how to stay under the radar...
Now, I was thinking "duelling" HoH's would be a cool twist on the whole game... but apparently that was just in the first week. We'll see.

Two things...
~ imagine how bummed Allison is this week? Bwaahahahahahahahahahaha!
~ could Marcellous act like a bigger fag? Every time we see a guy doing the Yo thing, there's Marci in the diary room masturbating over said guys body... Shut up already.

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