Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Nail... pipe...

House update...


So some joker with a flare gun nail gun, shot a nail into a water pipe behind the wall of Geo's bedroom closet.
The water ran around in the ceiling, then down the walls of the "butlers pantry" area between the kitchen and the dining room. So they had to take out two door frames, a door, a section of the ceiling and a pot light, then... all the insulation in the basement ...(the water ran all the way down to the basement).

They are all about assuring us it's all be fixed up blah blah blah... and assuing us that they have full knowledge and records of this so any related "future problem" will be their problem... but I'm getting that in writing before we close.

I mean, I'm worried about mold in the ceiling or in the walls... and it's a new fricking house!
There will be much talk about this event this week.

That view is from about 2/3 of the way to the back edge of our property... and looking back to see the roof line through the trees. :)

[ :: Newest Video - water damage! :: ]

[ :: Casa de Corto Web :: ] - link to other videos and the gallery with all the peeeektures.

Ok... that's all for now. :)
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