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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

And She's Outta There...

Where in... the end of line arrives, once again, for a wanna-be-supa-stah, and Julie not only tries to get her nasty on, she also reminds us that "talent" has nothing at all to do with brains.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in ... about 60 seconds...")
Oh look... there's Allison sitting under the great big "HATE" poster... how ironic. It's eviction #1 night and Julie is resplendent in her eight year old niece's dress and green garbage bags on her legs. She kicks things off by trying to embarrass George with his snoring and Howie with his Will-Love, and captures a lovely awkward moment with everybody. There's nothing like the uncomfortable laughter of people realizing that they are all going to look evil. She interviews Jayce, who basically says that everything he says and does is for shit... Then she interviews Janelle, who is - surprise surprise - niptacular again, and wearing strange little rodeo cowgirl costume from the 1950's. (love the puffy shoulders). And finally... Julie interviews Allison's current boyfriend. He's got a white lab coat on and a stethoscope around his neck... $28.45 at CostCo. He actually thinks Allison is a good girl and not a means skanky hoe that can likely suck a door knob right off public washroom door. They all vote... and it's eight to two to evict her butt ugly self off the show... and there was much rejoicing across the land. Julie takes the time to make Allison listen while she read out loud a few of the most horrible things Allison said about Janelle while she was in the house. Allison began to shrink and turned back into an actual Harpy. Julie then takes us out back to play this HoH game based on guessing "what Allison would answer" to stupid questions... Kaysar wins, but Julie gets confused and calls Nakomis the winner long enough to make everyone very uncomfortable, mess with the camera man's head, and see all the off-camera help roll their eyes. Supa Stah...

Fav Quote
Julie: "So Allison... you were on Amazing Race and you didn't do well their either... what's happened to you?" BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Julie: "So Allison, about Janelle... Remember when you said you were going to ‘drag her out by her fake boobs and fake hair...'" bwaahahahahahaha

Most Memorable Moment
Allison's head and body shrinking and turning a little puce as Julie reads the quotes...

Boogie wanted to keep Allison because she'd brawl with Janelle – which was quite right – but couldn't get enough on-time support for a good idea before it was too late. This is likely because Mike Boogie is such a complete fucking idiot... and sadly, Danielle, the pit-viper, is still in the game.

Darwin's Dessert
Dear Darwin Awards Judging Committee... I present to you... Allison.

The winner...
Janelle, again... but now it's a little more wishful thinking, what with the attack-nipples and all. Nakomis is a bit of a wild card... and really only has to battle her own lack of self esteem to stand up to shit and she could be a force... mostly because she's so ... not-like-these-other-flip-charts. WTELF (ever-loven) is with Jayce and his hair?

Two things...
~ half the time, Wil's hair looks like his head is freeze-frame-exploding, and the rest of the time... it looks like it's plastic and there is a "snap" in the center of his scalp that he snaps it to. Just say'en... channeling Donny Osmond or what?
~ I hope hope hope hope hope ... Danielle gets HoH, nominates and watches the eviction of Marcellas... bwaahahahaha... :D

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