Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 13

No really... look at that little guy... has he got my number or what? I carry him down to the sofa or the kitchen table from his bed... because he's "oh so tired". hahaha... dude, you cannot believe how big he's getting ... and I notice specifically because of all this carrying around!! :D

It's gonna be a hot and sunny day. The last two days have been forecast as "hard core rain days" and... because the Weather People are all liars and idiots, it's only rained after everyone has gone to bed. So now I'm expecting monsoons all day long. haha... Ok... the sky is blue and the sun? "Wicked hot" is what I think things will be like for the next little while.

I have been soooo bagged at night lately... I think this whole "old" thing is catching up with me... another twenty years or so and I'm gonna have to start going to bed early. (snarf)

~ dk blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ black t and a funky kinda greenish beigeee shirt thing...
~ You should see the big ass file I have on all-the-people-places-orgs-that-must-be-contacted-re: "We're moving". so, Yeah, I do a bunch of that every day at lunch.
~ Geo soccer game tonight... :)
~ BB7 tonight... I think I will (shame on me) enjoy this Will character again... and Howie stalking him? is the funniest thing since chicken george wanted to dig up the yard.
~ get a bunch of papers together for the bank... (never ends!!!)
~ that modernarchetype feels better before the camping trip!!!
~ for ms_right_rn to keep a little of that good emotional posture
~ to extend wee moments of understanding to dee-dee (dinkydo) and her little Daisy.
~ to keep my fingers crossed for macdatty
~ and to welcome bratt72 home.

Birthday moment...
A happy birthday to a long lost journaler, (litswd), who - I hope - is having all kinds of fun living life instead of writing about it. :)

Hezballa (sp?) on one side and the palestinians on the other... backed by Iran and Syria, these "terrorist" organizations pressed their attacks on sweet and dainty Israel. It's awful... how those nasty nasty terrorists snatched Israeli soldiers... (and never mind the several hundred detainees in Israeli custody... I mean, just because Israel is doing it, is no reason to think they can just up and do the same thing!!! darn them!!!) Of course, America - big big Israel supporters - will have to back the Israeli response to these terrible crimes.
So we will all have to just sit back and watch ... while George Dubbya marshals his forces and attacks Lisbon.
"huh? what's that yer say'en... speak up Condi...yer not making sense again... Why do you keep harping on about lisbions? Didn't we deal with that marriage thingee already?"

How do you like your "light rail system"????
Our local (city) government just committed to spending a BILLION dollars on one just like the one in Houston... of course, we live in the FROZEN NORTH... so I wonder how it will handle... snow days.
In twenty years... when we have to social infrastructure left... all the food banks are gone, and the shelters are falling apart... we can all take solace in the notion that we'll have a great light rail system to get from the burbs into the overpopulated, polluted and congested downtown core. Weeeeeeee.

Really good "vanilla" yogurt is... crazy good.

Okidoki... time to be a busy beaver... :)
See ya.
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