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Big Brother 7 Update!!

Big Brother 7

Give Us A Kiss ... Love.

Where in... we get to see the blossoming love of two young men and anticipate great drama. George guarantees that the Mensa people will leave his family alone and Big Brother lets us watch Danielle and Allison have barf poured on them... How fun is that?!

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in exactly 10 seconds...")
Danielle and Alison are walking the green mile... and quickly turn on one another. Howie decides to simply go mental with a stalker deal on Will... and I'm talking giant pink triangles as he tries to get Will to sit on his face. Called to the Spill-It-Room, George wanders up the HoH and ... honestly appears not to understand the problem... They play for Veto with some new randomness elements on who plays ... and the lucky ducks get liquid garbage poured all over them... while they search through a Big-Brother-Season representative garbage heap for little veto medallions. Janelle wins... and Allison looked kind of "natural" with a good bit of barf in her hair. Type Oh Dong girl (Janelle) doesn't veto anyone and we begin to anticipate Allison getting her skanky self chucked to the looser lounge on Thursday.

Fav Quote
Will: "I'd like to thank you... I've never had a retarded friend."
Howie: "... did you just fart?"

Most Memorable Moment
Will... likely getting used to Howie's stalker-like constant leg humping, walks into the HoH to stir up some crap about somebody or other and lookie lookie... Howie is already there... While Will is still talking... he walks up to him and ... (wait for it) ... kisses him on the cheek and walks away. The best part? Will has absolutely no reaction.

Will Janelle form a bond with Jayce or will she stay true to the immensely-stupid "season six" alliance?

Darwin's Dessert
Oh my god George... Get dropped on your head a few hundred times since BB1? (although he was short-bus material then as well...)

The winner...
Still have the money on Janelle... even though she's doing her level best to present the whole Anna Nicole Lobotomy Smith persona, I think she's got game and will likely play it.

Two things...
~ no really... check out the fricking clothes strewn about the girls "four girls in a bed" room... Pigs yo... absolute pigs.
~ Howie... with George laying on him to "tandem" slip-n-slide is a very disturbing turn of events. :D hahahaha

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