Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well ...

a few fast notes...
~ glossgirl - just thought I'd mention that i'm up to the 'ho biscuit', reading you forwards from February...the beginning... hehe :D
~ gailbird - you got mail!
~ nicely said and asked Kym.
~ laini, peace sisstah!
~ Mateo! hey... those false alarms can really get your heart racing... good luck, and get some sleep would ya!

oh, this was from tonight... :D

Me and the Cup (ButterCup, the angry one!)* have been burning through the Kleenex today.

Busy busy day today. Up with the boiz and do that survivor update... play, read some mail. Lunch with the guys and then drove lil George to a new lil friends house. He spent the afternoon there. Ed played with me, the sand hexagon (long story) and the computer this afternoon. I managed to start getting my knuckles around some harsh realities today ... but it took a lot of soul biting, tear wiping... Mmmmm good chicken dinner. Oh and I got to spend a lot of time chatting in IM with a good and wonderful friend. Friends can really change things for you, ya dig? The word 'special' keeps cropping up in my head. The we watched Red Planet tonight... fun movie... great looking movie on DVD.

and now it's late and here I sit! Hi!

* or is that "The Cup and I" ? :D

Note: click the "long" and "story" up there to dive into the history of the sand hex. Heres' a picture of it a few daiz ago...

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