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Monday, July 10

No really... sunshine again?
No... it only looks like it's lovely. The radio voices tell me that the brilliant sunshine is just a sham and that the day will be made of wet rainy moments. We'll see when I get out from behind the ugly maroon cubicle walls. :(

My little sleepers were all arranged on our bed when I woke up... NO ONE in my family (besides me) wakes up to alarm clocks unless the "beep beep beep beeeeeep" cycle goes on overly long... then the boys will crack lids. Normal household behaviour, however, remains that I wake up with the alarms and wake everyone else up. The boys don't have swimming lessons today, so there was no reason to wake anyone up... so I didn't. :D I did get to walk around the bed giving everyone little sleepy kisses though. That was nice. Geo was in the middle of some flippy dream... his eyes darking back and forth under his lids and his toes tapping... Edward was on the edge of "awake" with some stretching... and suzy? Little Miss Sleepyhead...

~ black ftls
~ gray dress pants
~ brilliant white dress shirt... (that got washed with a shammie, turned yellow and has been forced back to white... sigh)
~ dk blue tie... monday... "tie day"
~ up with the quiet field mice to sneak about the house getting cleaned up, shaved, dressed, fed and OUT. The rest of them get monday mornings off... so they were all snoozing quietly in the background as I tippy-toed about.
~ tonight... tape treasure hunters and watch some too...
~ work on house-finance-spreadsheet... sigh... scary mary baby... lemmi tell ya.
~ to smile at all the great vibes coming to angryvixen as she looks at the world of work
~ to look over at modernarchetype and say ... if it is dead, go for flat 42 baby... (snicker)
~ that everyone would see the photos in alachicky's journal... she's sure got game with the camera!!
~ and for some peaceful snoozing to wrap up teasdale and hug her with sleepy arms.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday sugar-blooo... (bloojanuary)!!! May this year carry you through the court system with nothing but positive results... and sugar, I do hope you have a wonderful birthday.. :D :D

Seventeen. The running total of Canadian soldiers that have been shipped home in a box from Afghanistan where we are helping ol'Georgie beat his head against a wall.
Here's the thing... Let's say all the armies of the world lined up in front of the white cliffs of Dover and demanded that they stop being cliffs ... issued ultimatums and laid out a "framework for success" to force those damn cliffs into submission and make them be beachheads and olive orchards. Will the cliffs capitulate? No... the armies could attack... they could bomb those upstart evil cliffs ... but no amount of attention will ever get those bastard cliffs to do what the armies demanded. They could bomb the crap out of them... beat them back... blow them up, smash them down... force them to submit... and maybe ... just maybe get some soil trucked in and they could plant some olive trees, bring in vast supplies of sand and make beaches.
(sings: "And in the end....")
So now there are no longer any "white cliffs of Dover"...
The ocean will claim all the sand...
And Olive trees don't actually prosper in Dover.
Why would anyone call that winning a war?

In order to be the "best in the world" you have to have left something behind.
You can't be that good at something and still be a normal person.
And that's not even accounting for the impact of media fame.
You have to give up all the socialization elements of a normal life to dedicate to whatever it is you are the worlds greatest at...
You don't develop the same sense of value... because you're way too busy practicing, studying, whatever-ing...
Oh sure... you can have a strong moral framework... or be a good "team member" ... all of which looks great on the sound bites taken when the microphone slips into place to explore your "best in the world" status...
but the fact remains that if you are honestly, the best in the world (at whatever) ... then you are also very likely to not understand how the rest of the world works and the rest of the world is not likely to understand you.
... so eventually you tip down and deliver a searing head butt to some guys chest and nobody will ever understand whatthefuck you were thinking.

So coworker woman asks me about the house... (I work in a "coral" of consultants, so we all have desks relatively close together). "Hows the kitchen?" I explain that we couldn't get in this weekend but that they haven't "ripped out the kitchen yet" (the builders words)... She shared my sad expression at this unfortunate turn of a phrase. My next comment was "it's a drag eh... who knew that six inches could cause soooo much trouble."
And in my opinion it says a little something about each of the women in our coral that turned around with big goofy smiles after I said that... none of the guys turned. hahahahahahaha!

K... time to be very busy. :)
See ya.

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