Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

House-ie update. :)

So we went yesterday and had a visit with the "outside" ... because they didn't have our KEY!
Still lots to see though, because they're starting to dig into the outside issues.
Recent photos...

[ :: And a fun video from yesterday... :: ]

Go to [ :: Casa de Corto web :: ] to link into the gallery, or see the video archive. :)

ps. as at 8:30 pm EST, my hosting co. is running evil slow... it'll likely be better within the hour.
~ I think it's better now...

Reminder: [ :: Flip 4 Mac :: ] offers a free codec for MAC users that plays .wmv files (the videos on my "house web" perfectly. I know a) it's free and b) works perfectly because I set it up on my MIL's iBook and it was a no brainer.

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