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Wednesday, July 5

Ahhhh.... see "//" below. :)

It's beautiful outside... or at least, it was when I was actually "outside" and not here in ugly cube land. Oh look ... cheese.
It's a wednesday already, so that's a good thing... Means we're almost at the weekend and ... closer to the insanity that is moving. sigh.

We're still waiting to resolve the fireplace issue. [ :: this is the fireplace :: ] and I don't like a) the oak mantle and b) the mosaic tiles on the "surround". I wanted (we wanted) the mosaic tile on the hearth but the designer talked us into this rot... Now they're saying "leave it... get furnished and then decide..." and I can sorta agree... especially because having them change it is going to cost a lot more than having some old italian guy fix it after we take possession.

Geo and I hit the skate park after work yesterday - trying to get skate time in before the after-dinner rain. We had fun, but again... way too many bikes. You gotta watch yourself in that place or you'll end up creamed in some wipe out with a biker. I gotta go every couple of days... if I want to actually overcome my challenges with the vertical 180's and ... I'm still thinking about (versus doing something about) the new deck thing. sigh. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk green dress pants
~ black t and beige short sleeve dress shirt... comfy day!
~ more of the same... work wise... be a smartypants or at least... act like one... and hope nobody looks behind the curtain.
~ meet my best friend for a coffee ... and have a wee chat about his mom... and life... and stuff.
~ somebody in my house has soccer tonight... I think it's Edward. If it's not raining... more skate park. :)
~ more Treasure hunters... I had to laugh HARD about the fat black guy and the little bittly life preserver they gave him... before chucking him in the ocean... hahahaha... and the "geniuses"... bwahahahahahahaha... dolts. Mount Roosevelt? Shit man... the girl that got booted knew it was Rushmore you tool.
~ for peace and clear thinking to be a big part of moonlitmemoirs's day...
~ that super-designer-girl, (dinkydo) makes it through the next few days without ... you know... hurting any old people... :D
~ for jethro to have the emotional strength to ... win,
~ and to send a few hugs out to canuckgirl ... just 'cuz.

Kim Il Jong (am I typing that correctly?) is the leader of a closed socialist society that bases a great deal of their global position on secrecy, fear-of-the-unknown, and posture... posture, posture, posture. It's ridiculous that the world is SO SERIOUSLY OVERREACTING to those ass wipes shooting a shitty rocket up in the air. Talk about playing into their hands... Lets all pay attention to NK now... oh, and keep on giving them ridiculous amounts of money (did you know your american tax dollars prop up his regime?) to keep him from being a big meany. Ignore the bully. If they ever actually pose a real threat to anyone... we'll know. So far... it's all just posturing to get the world to give them more attention and more money.

Ever feel like life is pulling you along by the ear lobe? just tugging away and making you see red?
Well remember... TANSTAAFL baby... The answer is not to tug back or let if flow downhill... because no matter how big a deal you are... you're the bottom of someones shit list somewhere and if you let it slide downhill... well you can count on someone else doing the same thing.
No... it's not about tugging back.
How to you get out of a cat-bite? Cat bites your hand? Push your hand into it's mouth... it instantly opens it's mouth and you'd done.
The lesson? Turn and face what ever it is that is hacking away at you... face it... look it in the eye and push your hand down it's fucking throat, um, figuratively speaking, of course. Way too much saliva in a throat to actually do that and not get all grossed out.
Face your fear...
face your critic...
face your challengers...
face the competition...
face the children...
face your partner...
face your family...
face your boss...
face your client.
You don't have to be a shit about it... heck you'll do better with a little sugar... but the bottom line is to face it!
You'll never see your chance... if your facing the wrong way.

Amanda... amanda... looks like she and the guy who owns 51% of "the boom" have parted company for some reason. She talks about it in a video moment published on her blog "amanda unboomed" [ :: see that here :: ]. Curious. she's got raw talent and a great "look"... so I've little doubt that she'll make a go of whatever she decides to do... but ... bummer about the boom. (and thanks suzy-q (kitykity for the heads-up)

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas...
See ya.

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