Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

warning: Boring stream-of-blah-blah-blah-consciousness post...

If the school board in your district told you that they after everything was said and done, they were still short and had to decide between a cut back in Sports* or Arts** programs at the school... and gave you a vote, what would you say?

*"Sports" funding in school is typically the support for extra-curricular team and school-board-league sports, "club" participation in tournaments
**"Arts" funding in school... um, things like funding for Dramatic Productions, Music/Band/Orchestra, Dance, Creative Projects in the community, "club" participation in recitals.

I was thinking about the sad truth that Arts programs get cut... get gutted... before anything happens to sports (or so it has been in the past... but I could stand-to-be-corrected). But when school is all done and drifting away behind you, you find that there is sooooooo much money in professional sports and soooooo little money in "the arts"... why don't school boards get Pro-League sports organizations to sponsor their "school sports" programs? (and therefore foster the prospect of the Arts actually not being cut when the belt tightens)

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