Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yeah, yeah... I know... Posty McPostalot day...

a thought...

CBS and Big Brother All Star.
I will not watch this... I mean... nobody will watch this.
Sure a few will but this will be a ratings disasster.
The value... the "fun" of watching BB was to see a group
of unknown quantities and spend time guessing about
the way they will turn out and watching them "turn out"...
seeing who you liked but now hate, who will hook up...
who's really gay... who's just an ass-wipe... etc. etc. etc...
But the ALL STAR concept just kills that. There is not one
single person on the "potential" list that people are supposed
to vote from ... that I would want to see again. With ALL STARs ...
all the fun of discovery is gone... and without that...
the show has very little appeal.
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