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Monday, June 26

Jean Jean, the Baptist Machine!!
~ bring it white man...

As you can see... I got my monday morning "play dress up" 'tude on and after zooming the kids off to T-3 days-till-summer-vaca school, headed to work. The drive... was rather nice. Still traffic... but ... oddly light.
Then it hits me, as I pull into a vast and vacant parking lot in Hull.
Saturday was St. Jean Baptist day in Quebec... so in typical quebec-is-weird fashion, they celebrate it on Friday, and then close government on Monday. I still passed'in to the offices (surprising that my consultants badge gets in on off-days) and checked mail, sent a bit of mail and then ... came home. :)

I changed and went to the skate park for an hour of freaking crazy ass work out ... absolute heaven in an empty park.
Actually... not all empty... the world shrunk when my nephew popped in with a couple of buds... three truant little boys. (laughs)

Now it's all about getting some packing done and I'm about to head out to our movers to snag some more boxes.

~ third outfit...
~ starts with ...
~ blue ftls,
~ gray dress pants... that fit! (score)
~ iron and wear a white dress shirt, tie and blazer
~ aborted day at work...
~ jeans, skate shirt, padding and sweat
~ now? black ftls, shorts, and a cape cod t. :)
~ well... "up, dress, kids, work, home later all burned out from work..."
~ however... I only got as far as "... work" and then found myself in a vast empty parking lot.
~ home... skateboarding for an hour
~ clean up...
~ lunch
~ box run out to the moving company...
~ pack more from the garage...
~ dinner and ... relax. :)
~ to squeeeeeeeze towanda
~ good luck to teasdale... noting that I still haven't hemmed the pants I bought in February...
~ and for thisismostlyme to enjoy the cool...

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday jenny_rambles... I hope you have a grand day... and that the year ahead keeps you wrapped up in good fortune and the best of health.

Reason number 86,259,653 why I have a well developed hate on for all big ass dorky planet smudging SUVs...
They just take to flipping long to do anything. killing all the math for efficiently cleaning left turn lanes, as small mountains of rubber and steel jerk around at the hands of some microscopic penis with a fat wallet.

A jury came back in a local trial with guilty verdicts for these two ass holes that firebombed a womans house to kill her and managed to only kill her two kids. Apparently she threatened to expose idiot boy one as the child molesting waste of air that he is. Dude is sentenced to 25 years in jail with no hope of parole. All I could think as the radio explained this... "they only need ... like, a five day sentence. A child molesting, child murdering convict has a jail life span of what... ?? two days?" May they both suffer...

Want: MP3 of "Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out" by Bentley Rhythm Ace... but cannot find.

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