Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 25

Well yesterday was grand... unbelievably tired all day... but grand never-the-less.
We had a house visit... and THE BEST NEWS... we met the neighbors directly beside us... They are moving in today. (truck day) And ... they have two boys!!!! 9 and 11... SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE... er... yeah, a little happy about that.
We're still a little freaked about the fridge thing but... one step at a time.

Geo and I did some skate park yesterday... I'm having such a blast... :D

We od'ed on 24 last night... folded laundry, and generally had a nice quiet night. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ blue shorts...
~ and a gray t...
~ clear out a few shelves in my "home office" (truth be told, "play palace" would be more accurate)
~ skate park?
~ driving Geo to a friends house...where they are baking a cake for their teacher... :D
~ dinner at my folks house... :D (score!)
~ that things were a whole lot better for hakuai
~ to wave at ayoub ...
~ and to say "looooooooose" er... "lose" at no (and no, I don't mean she's loooooose...) :D


[ :: A very short... very memorable video moment :: ]
~ Edward losing his first "front tooth"... (no blood!). :D


[ :: and some skate video... just the boys practicing... :: ]
~ this was last week... It's amazing how quickly improvements are made!! We're both climbing the walls a lot higher now, but note... doing that... the back and forth thing... puts the burn on your legs... your gut and did I mention the burn on your legs? :D

K... time to get busy. :D
See ya.
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