Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 20

Yeah, so three hours of homework last night... and the same on deck for tonight... fuck'en eh man... busy corto time.

I'm scamming a few minutes with a network port in a boardroom that looks as though it's gonna be occupied in a few minutes...

Sunny and lovely now, but WOW on the rain last night... or last evening... kick ass downpour, and a very gray morning.
(a woman has come in the board room I'm in and she's telling the story of going to a Foreigner concert in the 80's... I don't know why... but she'll be discussing her out fit any second now...)

Damn... people coming... I have to bolt...

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans (the p-z's that kinda fit... sigh)
~ gray t and a denim shirt for warmth in a cold class room
~ way more of the same...
~ if the rain holds off... skate park after dinner... (no soccer on Tuesdays)
~ and another blast of 24... Treasure Hunters is waiting for us to get through more of 24!!
~ I could slap this bitch around...
~ er... a fellow student... never mind...
~ that I could read my fp's... but not fricking likely ...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Dave... (inspectorjury)!!! a man with a mission and the mission seems to be to make other people happy... and he does a damn fine job of it! Have a wonderful year Dave and I hope you get all kinds of great family vibes this year.
And happy birthday to Lisa (ladyfire)... may the wonderful changes that have brought you through the last two years keep on trucking!!! I hope the kids and goober give you all kinds of great reasons to smile... and wipe bugs off your helmet. :)

Sadly... no real update time...
gotta jet.

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