Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

dum di dum...

~ rented Jurassic Park III...
thought I was renting JP I.
Alas (earwax) JP I was not to be had...
so we got Indiana Jones and the Final Crusade (IJ III)...
they've seen I & II. :)

~ went to skate park w/ geo at ... like 8:00 and the place was totally vacant. Lights came on... a couple of other bmx'ers showed up and we basically had the run of the place... which was perfect... because we both wanted to practice something specific... geo doing a 180 on a normal ramp and I wanted to work on my courage factor with 180's on the 1/4 pipes. I took a nasty ... ok, two nasty dunks trying to learn to do this and I was a bit gun shy. I crossed a wee barrier and it was fun. It's all about having confidence in the gravity and momentum thing... not pretend I think I can ... I think I can kinda confidence but actual honest to biscuits relaxing-into-it confidence. Was cool. Meanwhile geo is totally learning by force of will and it's grand. He took a couple of spills (one foot on ground, one foot on skateboard, lose balance... do splits and tumble) and is finally coming around to wanting to wear his wrist guards.

~ after work, I zoomed to this place downtown to get our "race kits" for Sunday; suz is in a 10k called "do it for dad" (a colon cancer research fund raiser event thing) on Sunday with one of her sisters, while yours truly, the boys, and my MIL are doing a "2k walk". Got home only to realize I had neglected to grab my SIL's kit... huge sigh. I'm going back in the AM to pick it up for her.

~ going to visit the house tomorrow...

~ oh, and getting sorted to have a big family do here on Sunday afternoon.

dum di dum... busy weekend ahead...

ni ni ... :)

(well, soon...)

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