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Friday, June 16

~ talk about dressing for success... I heard that brilliant white skin was is the new black.

It's twenty five different kinds of beautiful outside... nothing but blue sky and a slight breeze that makes a sound not altogether unlike the sound of a hundred 20 year old bikini models singing "cut work and come play with us be the water"... although that may partly be my imagination...

We managed to watch a full hour of 24 last night... but we're totally whacked on the schedule... Suz always passes out mid-episode (because she refuses to come down and watch till it gets late - girls... sheeesh!) so we start in mid-epi... finish that one, and start the next one and within a half hour... it's zzzzzzzzzzzz time. The thing is... she digs the show as much as I do... but once she lets herself slump over sideways on the sofa... it's over for her. :)

I gotta get a picture later... but man ... my mom made Geo a "cave man" costume for this school play he's in (History of Rock... punny moment on the word "rock"). The costume is adorable and Geo looks so darn cute in it... haha...

~ black ftls
~ black sockettes...
~ brown leather hush-puppy shoes.
~ and that's it... a day in my screaming white skin.
~ up early... extra!
~ get the boys to bus, and me to work hugely "on time" ...
~ busy day today... because next week is a training course all week... (dramatic lack of me, next week) and I've a lot to get sorted in preparation.
~ tonight? dinner and a movie for the boys... I think I'll rent them "Jurassic park" ... I'm TOTALLY DONE with taking them to the video store with me though... That always ends badly ... starting with them holding up box covers of every gore-filled-slasher-killer-dead-burnt-naked-people movie in the store and goes downhill from there...
~ oh, and if we can, Geo was asking to go to the skate park after dinner... so... score. :)
~ and... omfg... I need to see a man about a horse! geezus.
~ no, I'm not naked at work... d'oh...
~ acoolsecretary finds a superhero...
~ clumsy_me ... reconciles her issues with... Paris. :)
~ Welcome to month number three for mzbean's little Bradley. :D
~ and for my favorite Ewt... (ewtikins) to have herself a nice day!!! :)

Given the opportunity, mankind can live up to our lowest expectations.
With proper motivation, we can do far worse...
For this reason, the world court has passed a special resolution,
and we will all have to listen to one hour of Abba every day.

I can only imagine how fricking cool it must be to go on an exchange for like six months or a year or whatever to somewhere like Japan. There's an ADIML post up in the community from a young girl that is in the middle of her exchange with a student from Japan ... and, I mean, it's not huge... it's not glitz... it's just that it must so enlightening for a young person to have an experience like that. I have a friend here in lj who is looking forward to going to work in Japan - it's part of her ongoing UNI studies... How cool is that? I mean, I bet it's scary but still... I wish more people from far flung places around the world would do A Day In My Life photo essays. It really does shrink the world to see it from the perspective of a person... versus a news camera.

Ok... so here's the thing. You know how your "flashers" in your car go... dink-oo-dink-oo-dink-oo when you signal left but go dk-oo-dk-oo-dk-oo-dk-oo when you signal right? Like... with a different tempo? So after several years with the honda civic... all of a sudden my right signal "tempo" is triple time... blinky-blinky-blinky-blinky... AND THEN ... all by itself (one time actually in mid signal) it changes back to a tempo equal to the left signal... and now it's back to triple time. I thought briefly "ohhh... this is some cool feature to tell me a signal lamp is burned out... But no. I checked. WTF? Anyone have any idea why this would be happening?
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