Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So Ed had soccer tonight... Suz went there, and I took geo to the skate park.
Lots of kids there tonight but we had a blast.

One suited dad there with his five year old that was having fun learning (covered in pads)... cute.
A couple of wicked good riders were there but the best part for me was a little 11 year old named Russel.
He was doing some carves back and forth between the quarter pipes that I just can't seem to do without ... falling hard on my hip and wishing I wasn't such a dumbass for trying. ... so I 'splained my problem to Russel, and he spent a half hour with me practicing ("start low man, there... see") and I was getting it... Geo faced a brand new fear and mastered "roller"... the kids have names for each of the ramps and roller is basically an eight foot cliff with a curve at the top and the bottom ... you roll over it and just drop like a rock... Anyways... he's feeling large and rightly so. And, as usual, I had an immense work out... no falling (thank god - my pavement-slide-body-scrapes are slow healers yo!) but every muscle is angry right now. :)

Geo had "Greek Plays In The Park" day today... which mean all the kids in his class wore togas and performed ancient greek plays, reading from hand held scripts, in the park out back of the school while an assortment of parents and other students watched.

And dig this... the kids were asked (via a letter home to parents) to bring "food they can eat walking around" for the "after play feast". We signed up to send veggies and dip. I bought, cut up, arranged in a big tupperware thing a vast veggie plate and made a great dip. They had a lot of food, so the "Overflow" was sent to the fridge in the staff lounge... and the flipping teachers ATE IT at lunch. WOW... They do a lot of things right at that school... but that was dumb ass.
Any ways... the kids had a blast. :) (Suz was able to go... hence the pictures).

k... see ya :)

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