Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 14

So the book thing has me fit to burst... I went to show my units... and of course, my da is talking about sending copies to everybody he's ever met... hahaha... (ok, not quite).
But seriously though, I have to make several corrections and get the doc re-pressed and uploaded to LuLu so I can "release" it. :)

Today is the total weather shift day... no clouds... nothing but blue sky and sunshine and a promise of warmth. A cliche Mid June Day if there ever was one. :)
and I will spend it looking at ugly maroon cubicle walls and working on something called a CMDB. Weeeeeee

~ blue stripee ftls
~ green dress pants
~ beige short sleeve dress shirt
~ and (ta da!) the Blazer...
~ ug... totally UG. busy like a car on fire.
~ two back to back meetings coming up in 10 mins...
~ "team" lunch thing...
~ hoping to meet a friend for a coffee...
~ enjoying "showing off" the book...
~ and tonight? Soccer, book edits, 24 and starting the NEXT BOOK... Family Vacation to Cape Cod. e~ (the number of times I have typed "Cap Code" is c-c-c-c-crazy!)
~ for morning magic to creep into the life and times of modernarchetype... May the mornings get... easier. :)
~ that kimberly27616... a) stops robbing all the stores she works at... and b) that she gets her wish and see's Lord Stanley's cup in NC ... :)
~ to extend mad, big, goofy congratulations out to kitiara on her recent CAREER change... I wonder if Steve Gutenberg is still at the Police Academy?
~ for sylvidoptera to find her way home...
~ and may ragamuffen get all the salty treats she hopes for... :)

Radio spent time talking to a "released" inmate from Git-Mo.
He is a British subject... one of the Tipton Three. Erroneously detained and ultimately sent to Git-Mo for two years.
So while the torturers pound "You are a terrorist... we know it... admit it... we know it..." at you for two years, then release you without any charges... you have to wonder about how many other people who are totally innocent that are being tortured daily there.
What? You don't think they torture the prisoners?
Chained and shackled, hands to feet... feet and hands to floor, german sheppard barking and going mental ... inches from your face... kicked, punched and kept awake like this for... days on end. yeah, but - as George says - "We don't torture."
"Yeah, but some of those Arab guys are terrorists and we gotta get them before they get us!!!"
Uh huh... and when the "wrong guy" in Git-Mo is ... you... or maybe your brother... will it still be acceptable errors because they "gotta get them..."???
It BOGGLES MY MIND BEYOND THE ABILITY TO COMPREHEND when I consider just how much collateral damage people are willing to accept from their governments.
More specifically... I cannot understand how it is that American civilians are willing to accept what is happening around the world and in their back yards in their name.
I know the government and the army do not represent The American People... who are, when you get down to it, no different than you or I.
Of course, according to Colleen Gaffey, those three inmates that hung themselves last weekend... were just good "PR".

Note to self: no hitting the boss. We just had a "team lunch" thing before the client boss heads off for her summer vacay. So we all congregate at a local restaurant assembling along a big long table. Because I'm a suck-up, I sat beside the boss... we're chatting about whatever and then we were talking about something to do with our salads and BOOM. Out of the blue I emphasize some point with a back-hand to her thigh... er... outer thigh. A good shot... and she totally dead-panned me with the straight face. I knew she was joking ... but still... I really gotta make it a rule to not hit the boss... especially the girl bosses.
um... nice firm thigh.

K... see ya.
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