Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 12

It s'posed to get nicer out today... Here's hoping!! Suz is being a helper at a big charity golf tourney today... and the day is starting out cool and overcast. Ug.
Of course, the weather idiots said SOLID RAIN all weekend... and it hardly rained at all... (just brrrrr cold)... I swear, how do these people keep their jobs?

I have sooooooo got to knuckle under and get the kids to bed earlier at night. I'm slinging Ed over my shoulder in the morning not just because he's lazy when he wakes up but also because he really seems to be unable to wake up. Tonight I start with the whole New-Leaf thing. Kids in PJ's at 8:00, story time at 8:30, and lights out at 9:00 on the flipping dot!!
(how often have I said this? I really need to not suck at this "sticking to my guns" thing.)

~ green ftls
~ gray / blue pants
~ brilliant white dress shirt and a dark tie...
~ but no "blazer"
~ first thing? besides getting up late and ending up having to drive the boys to school? Off to a photo studio to have passport pics taken for this security thing at work...
~ so, company hq downtown to sign stuff... and then I popped into Moores and had a blazer fitted... "standard blue blazer" except ... well see below...
~ now it's a day of meetings and hoping advil does the trick with this bitch'en headache. ug.
~ crossing fingers... I'm BURSTING for the LuLu book to arrive... sigh.
~ maybe get to watch some 24 tonight... we're around 3:00 pm. (I love how they work so hard at making sure we really hate the bad guys. :D)
~ I wasn't so wishy washy about clothes. A 100% cotton blue blazer that fits perfect and will likely fit for years and years... costs 200$. The cotton poly blend jacket costs 100 on sale. So I know about the "breath / no breath" thing with cotton but ... See I bought the 200 one on the spot but now I'm totally second guessing that... I've already called and told them to hold it back from the "alteration" because I want to come in and try on the 100. Over the life of the coat... it's only a hundred bucks... but... No, I've just convinced myself.. I have to swap it down. It's a hundred bucks man and ... now is not the time to be thinking I'll actually wear a blazer out.
~ I was allowed to load up a web cam and keep it there all day... Cuz catherine is out there, playing with her little darling baby boys... and it would so sweet to just hang with them for the day. :)
~ to send some very sincere hopes and prayers out to blonnie for her FIL who needs a few extra karma points to come through a very challenging situation. May he find good fortune in the recovery ... !!!
~ to point out that I'm glad I'm not washing cars for a radio station in Virginia. :)
~ and... look... there's a few diff friends in my land of lj-friends who are facing some real issues today... not just your run of the mill "ack, it's monday and I wish life was better" stuff but serious problems that need resolving... but most of this stuff is under FO posts and I don't want to break the faith... so let me say in a most heartfelt moment of hope that it my sincere wish that life was a whole lot easier and ... seeing as it isn't... please know that the biggest and best reason for letting friendships be a part of your life is that they can share the load. They can't take over the problems or make them go away... but friendship is a magical thing... and when you lean just a little ... well... it helps.

The "Bilderbergs" are all packed up and gone now... They had quite the guest list... and the news is full of comments - of course, after they're gone - and discussion. The bottom line seems to me that if you are a member of the uber-power-elite then I suspect it's your job to act like it. If that means getting together with your peers and talking planetary strategy... they power to you man... because somebody has to do it and I'll take a star chamber of bankers, corporate chairs, royalty and ancient money over Bush and a bunch of Arab Oil Boys any day of the week.

Ottawa switches over to "include the area code" dialing on the 17th of June. Fun.
I wonder what kind of mayhem will result?

I want to open my eyes...
... and see you sleeping.

K, time to go. :)

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