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Sunday, June 11

So yesterday... was the beginning of October or something... (brrrr!!! frigging cold yo!)

We went to the house ... omg... I can't wait to the house update... they have the carpets in and the "glass bricks" in the ensuite... it's frigging gorgeous...

Mad grocery shopping...
Geo to a "pool birthday party" (see note above about how flipping cold it is)...
Made home-made pizza's again... they were seriously delicious.
oh, and the lap top thing... (see below)
Cleaned out boxes of stuff ... the never ending packing process...
Watched some 24 and managed to be in bed... earlier than usual. :)

Strangely... I am carrying the seeds of a migraine around... and I'm not sure why?
Not happy. I think I should go to the clinic today... get a renewed script for imitrix.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... currently only these and the old jeans actually fricking fit. Even the New and totally bitchen p-z blues are ... not so snug ... and yo, jeans are s'possed to feel snug.
~ long sleeve shirt... because it has become October. (brrrr!)
~ take Edward to his Soccer photo session. :)
~ visit my SIL and drop off her lap top... when I head to Wally Land to get shaving cream...
~ go visit the house again? with neighbors... it's like organized "showing off" . ah well... :D
~ dig through more crap in the basement... I threw out ... all my geek "extra" stuff. Like eight CD players that don't actually work... a box full of 2 gig hard drives... shit like that... sigh... so much waste.
~ no plan for dinner... but I gotta start thinking about that...
~ that phatmommadee stays safe... and that you keep feeling ok... on the one-a-day plan.
~ that I could come to tonya's house and play with her little pussy... BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA... er... Bandit.
~ to smile at mzbean, the happy girl...
~ and to thank monkey for all the kite pics!!! :D :D

Birthday moments...
Gone since March eh, gaelic_iriquois, well happy birthday never-the-less and may you have a year of happy surprises.
And to Daddy bosox... May you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the many moments of discovery that paint the pictures of parenthood. :)
And sugerpie!! The girl that gets a hair cut and ... vanishes. :) Have a great year sugar-pie. :)
Happy Birthday to distortedgirl and may you find a way to ease the pain that the damn IRS is bringing... The next year will be a happy one sugar.

Dear Microsoft...
You just blow sometimes... you know that?
How do regular people survive? I mean... I'm no red-hot-shit but I'm a geek and I can fight my way through... but what about regular people?
Lap top... windows xp... dead... wont boot and has a history of family photos on it.
So I boot it from a Live Linux CD, mount the drive and copy everything to a 1 gig cruizer key drive.
Then I find the "IBM hidden partician" and run the re-install-recovery process.
XP Home Edition that needs to be "activated" results.
I have the Certif of Authenticity ... so I type in the cd key... NO GO. Crap.
I call MS... (not a fun process getting through to Bangladesh or where ever) we go through this long "Installation ID" thing... works... OS is "activated"
I log onto the MS Update sight... and bingo... "You are not Genuine" and it refuses to update the OS.
Fuck it.
Kill all the particians and install XP Pro from my own cd and be done with it.
Officially DONE with trying to follow the rules. Bastards.
Restore all the user files and presto... happy little IBM ThinkPad.
But... but... how the hell would someone who is not a geek... get through this without going broke?

[ :: watch me :: ]
~ I can only imagine how much work went into this short film... and it's really very compelling.

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