Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So... just say'en...
That last post about food and cooking...
Was a totally off the cuff thing and while I was driving home I almost (but not quite) regretted posting it, for fear it was just ranty and silly.

What a great response.
... and the letters...
cool beans.

I'm all about thinking up a way to put some cooking a food info out there... corto style...

I know there's four main topics...

1. Staples: stuff you really should have in your kitchen... and if you don't... then go out and buy them or put them on your christmas list.

2. Shopping: like the whole "grocery store perimeter" versus "internal isles" shopping paradigm is way good mojo* [ :: click :: ]

3. Cooking to eat: A "need a meal for the family... try this" kinda thing.

4. Cooking for the freezer: (self explanatory)

Believe me... the world is full of people who know more about this stuff than I do...
But I know a little.
And plenty of you guys know a little too.

... feedback on all of those topics would make great comments to this post.

(next up... what we had for dinner)

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