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bilderberg group

[ :: Wikipedia Entry on the Bilderberg Group :: ]

~ I was spelling it wrong earlier. :) (big surprise eh!)

Check the bottom of that Wiki entry... The Brookstreet Resort in Ottawa!

"The Bilderberg group or Bilderberg conference is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in business, academic, or political circles. Due to discussions being off-the-record, it is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. The group meets annually, in secret, at five-star resorts throughout the world, normally in Europe, although sometimes in the United States or Canada. It has an office in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands."

(Donald Rumsfeld called them the "masters of the universe"... )

(sorry the pics are so poor.)

The Brookstreet Resort... June 8, 2006 in fading light on a rainy dusk.

The Police that took my ID and made me park and wait while they "checked me out".

The story:

So on the way home from work tonight the CBC ( reported on the fact that guests of the swanky Brookstreet Resort in Kanata had been required to vacate their rooms at 8:30 am today... and many had reported strange goings on over night... people in the woods with flashlights behind the resort... All in anticipation of the pending Bilderberg Group meeting from June 8 - 11. The "meeting" had reserved the entire hotel... and apparently contracted with the Police to raise the security level of the entire grounds to "Private, Get Out... Go Away".

After Geo's soccer game, I grabbed my camera, an extra secure digital card and went for a drive. :)

I drove in behind the Alcatel Headquarters... (the red line) and parked at the end of the line and took pics of the hotel.
A rent a cop ... a girl with a big black umbrella was behind a barrier at the end of the parking lot, so I went over to her to ask her what was up...
She said that she didn't know why I was able to drive up to where I was but I had to leave... (and then she called her "supervisor").

I told her I was just taking a picture of the hotel and that I was leaving.

When I got back in the car - I swapped the SD card out and hid the first one because I'm paranoid... - and drove away.
I was boxed in by flashing light police cars at the "red circle".

Two cops came to my window and asked me what I was doing...
I said "I heard on the CBC that the bilderbergs were holding a conference here so I wanted to come and get some scrap book photos."
They asked for ID... I gave it to him.
They asked if I was "known to the Ottawa police" and I said "no... I've no record with you guys..."
(now, however, I suspect I do... hahaha).

They made me wait a few minutes while they checked me out... then let me go.

I kept snapping pictures and being amazed at the intense security. :)
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