Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

"The RIIA and CFR Policies are now coordinated by the secret Bildaburger Group which was created in 1954. Prince Ferdinand of the Netherlands was the original Chairman of the secret Bildaburger Group which largely decides the fate of the World in their secret meetings." [ :: source :: ]

~ However... it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING how little information there is on the Bildaburger's out there...

That being said... A HOTEL HERE IN KANATA (I live in Kanata) is where that group is holding their annual "meeting" ... and it's happening right now.

Helicopters, unmarked security cars ... everywhere.

I'm thinking of taking a drive over to the hotel and snapping some pics just for fun. :)

Can anyone come up with a list of Bildaburger members? I know Paul Wolfowitz is on there... (sorry, that ashcroft ref was totally wrong)

Background: when you dig into the history of the Masons ... the knights templar... etc... you end up with the Bildaburgers.
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