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Wednesday, June 7

K... the weather junkies are calling for rain late in the day... but it's all about sunshine and wishing I was anywhere but here for now. :)
I was all "up and out" with good speed today... although finding that my 'elbow bandaid" had come off in the night... has made for some interesting patterns on the bed sheet... but that's for tonight. My goals are pretty straight forward today... get-ass-to-work and do this mini but important project as soon as I get through the door (who knew it was gonna take till 1:00... sigh).

I went to Starbucks at 9:00 last night to get a lb of italian roast... and, as always, I engaged the Bucks'Bariristas in all kinds of talking and coffee recommending... and when they handed me my coffee... they gave me a) a cup of jo on them and b) a half lb of their "Apron" coffee... fancy spancy coffee at bucks, that comes in a teal bag with a black apron, skirt over it. I love free stuff. :)

I'm back to thinking about buying a new skateboard. I had left that behind and decided to just work the G&S until it's death... but ... it'll die someday and then I'll need a new one... so why not embrace the "new one" now and not actually "kill' the G&S? (makes sense to me...)

~ black stripee ftls
~ I'm back in the green dress pants... it's like I'm afraid that suddenly I wont fit them again... so I'm getting my digs in while I can. :)
~ strange pattered shirt that... gets comments ... although I'm never sure if they're good or bad. :) (but I still wear the shirt... but that's vanity for ya)
~ a lovely big bandaid on my elbow
~ oh, and thin patterned dress socks ... that make my foot feel like it's swimming in my shoes!! grrrr.
~ up and get the boyz a zoom'en out of the house to their bus... kiss z and split.
~ AM? First thing... boogy to desk and get locked into a four hour process... that has totally tapped me. sigh.
~ after all this? Z has a 10 km race tonight... Ed has soccer... so I've got to get my butt home quick, make a good dinner, kiss z again and wish her luck... then take the boys to soccer.
~ later? Maybe actually WATCH an epi of 24? Last nights attempt was replaced by many chores and stuff while Z zonked on the sofa.
~ I could spend a weekend in Kansas. ... just 'cuz I'd love to hang with nikki for a bit. :)
~ that a lovely little pregnant mexican Chiquita (innerly)... has a lovely time at Padre island...
~ that dee-dee... aka dinkydo ... has a blast watching all that LOST... :D

Jon Stewart had a great time ripping on ... William J. Bennett... man... dude was trying to say there was merit in the arguments against gay marriage and Jon .. held nothing back. Loved that bit. He hit all the high notes... and today I read that the Senate blocked the attempt to get an amendment through on this issue. Way to go Senate. And ... talk about beating a dead homophobic horse...

Meanwhile... Canada continues to talk about what a great job they did in cap'ing the "terrorists" with all the fertilizer... calling them Muslims... trying them in the court of public opinion and releasing stupid bits of news... Like... bad Jamal guy wanted to "cut off the PM's head" and "blow up the CBC building". yeah... ok... Tool. I mean... how the fuck are these people causing soooo much trouble world wide? They (the middle eastern Terrorist kind of "they") are just flipping stupid. If you wanted to blow something up in Canada... go in a blow it up. Throw a fist full of money on the ground and you'll attract a crowd, them BOOM. But no... they have to collect 3 tons of explosive fertilizer. And they all get caught? What the hell is that? I mean... GREAT... and POWER TO THE RCMP... for knocking these guys down... but I have to wonder... if these guys are such idiots and the RCMP caught them... what's happening with the smart ones?

here's a great quote that I ganked from fallingforward's journal...
Read this... internalize it... and never let the notion fall away.

"Modern Means Of Communication Span Continents, Bridge Oceans, Annihilate Time And Space…
Servants Of Freedom Of Thought And Action, They Offer To All Men The Wisdom Of The Ages To Free Them From Tyrannies And Establish Co-operation Among The Peoples Of The Earth."
- Inscribed on the Communications building at the 1939 World's Fair in New York

k... see ya. :D
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