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Hiya Lj...

Nice evening... got the kiddies all tucked away... read some more of glossgirl's journal (My commute reading assignment!), woke up Z and we watched Survivor and the pilot episode of Will & Grace - I like that show... rarely see it but it always gets a laugh when I do!!

We made some plans for kids day camp this summer and sorta laid out plans for a deck we're supposed to have built, some other "projects" for the summer and picked a time frame for a summer something... cottage? Trip? I'm kinda thinking... seeing as they offered... that my folks could take the kiddies for like 4 days, and we could go away ourselves... prol'y a really good idea! Any ways, time escaped and here we are...

So listen... I got this great surprise in the mail box today!
nbbmom - Kym - aka WonderWoman - "tie me up with your golden lariet and make me tell the truth" (name the movie where a teacher says this...) Sent me a special promotional use only cd of Tool!!!!

Thanks Kym... you are wonderful! (and I hope you're starten to feel better...)
Oh, I went to the drug store to buy some hand cream stuff... and I look up at a display
and I am completely zinged by this advert with all these pamphlets...
Is this not the most awful and painful looking picture in the universe!?

oh and for Lakme!!

Has anyone seen the easter chocolate thingies called "little scoops" ... very very yum....
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