Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


A noise;
A sound, like a wind chime that only caught the merest breath ... except it came from behind me... somewhere in the house. Which makes no sense at all.

A sentence;
The roads of home are those where you can see the waving hand of a little girl who has just stopped skipping rope on her driveway, and has the look of someone that has decided her mission in life is to ensure I wave back.

A thought;
They did not arrest seventeen muslims in Toronto last weekend.
At least no more than they arrested a christian for car theft the night before.
No, they arrested seventeen cognitively challenged (aka fucking morons) people that were actively involved in a course of action and a stream of consciousness that appears to have been leading to cowardly and pathetic acts of terrorism.
They are not now and never have been representatives of their religion.
At least no more than any other criminal is a representative of theirs.
That being said... the muslim community... (not the religion) in Toronto should be held up to the very harshest and scathing criticism for their ignorant and unconscionable neglect in allowing ... in making way for... inflammatory and false rhetoric to be embraced in their houses of worship, and for the sad manipulation of their communal youth.
They are as much a scab on the bloody wound of islam as the weak and pathetic muslims in places distantly east were fear and loathing ignites a seemingly endless parade of death.

A wish;
For new babies to find their rhythm... and new mommies to find some rest.

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