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Monday, June 5

Rolls his eyes... dude... I'm wasting away.
Now I fit into the green dress pants.
This is strange stuff... especially because... my weight has remained the same for several years and it's ... still exactly the same.
I weigh 165 lbs... that might go up and down by three lbs... and with those three comes and goes a little snug'ness in the old-jeans,
but the gray and especially the green dress pants have been off the table as unwearable for a year. (although I steadfastly refused to put them in the bag for goodwill).
Now I still weigh the same, but the pants fit.
I'm guessing all the fat must have been redistributed to my head and my ankles.

It's A COMPLETELY PERFECT day... weather wise...
just flipping perfect. What a total waste of a day like this... to have it on a Monday! gah!

~ blue ftls
~ another pair of dress pants that haven't fit... for a year. :) Kinda dark green...
~ tommy dress shirt and a tie with ... green things happening in it...
~ week kick off with breakfasts, and boys making their bus. A good start.
~ starbucks on the way to work... (indulgence! :D)
~ spend the day shoving pins in my eyes and burning my fingernails... er... I mean... working.
~ ok, it's not that bad... but ... I can think of several hundred things I rather be doing.
~ possibly get a hair cut... I'm defiantly getting sick of the "mad scientist" stage...
~ maybe go to the skate park tonight...
~ DEFINITELY more of 24 tonight.
~ to draw your attention to [ :: this blog post :: ] ... (thanks phej) and we can all just kill ourselves now, because up until the advent of the PSP... kids were perfect angels that read the bible and did extra math problems during free time at school.
~ for the patience of the moon to visit my friend willedit
~ that little adora-monkey Savannah's first fever, manages to slip away and that a giggly, happy little girl meets mommy (angryvixen) after work today...
~ for lynspin to realize that clear-talking with the boyz... pays off in many ways, not the least of which is rewarding you with a lot less indigestion.

I weep for the muslim who walks alone.
Abandoned by and almost unable to recognize
the world he left behind when he came to mine.
Left to fend off the anger of a world gone mad.
Expected to shoulder a ridiculous burden of guilt.
Held to accounts for things so distantly removed from his life...
how can he smile with me...
how can he love me and be my brother?
When behind my eyes he see's the insane media of intolerance.
Perhaps ... if I just loved him first?

Dear Oprah;
I realize that you have more money than god and mick jagger and
that you do wonderful things with it for the people that get on your
radar... but, when are you gonna get a clue that your stupid fucking
shows that feature low life bastards and hoe-bags that cheat on each
other are nothing but triggers for all the insecure people out there?
What do you think?... Do you think you're providing some kind of
special social service to get Billy-the-cheater on there talking about
what a blast it was to ride his wifes so-called best friend? Or maybe
the porn-addicted flip chart that sits there on your stupid sofa talking
trash about his wife and how much fun he has choking Little Elvis to full
colour naked yoga videos? While this shit may be part of life... all it
does is feed the insecurities of your audience and leave relationships
in turmoil. And no, I'm not personalizing the issues... although, I guess
naked yoga would be fun to look at... but that's not the point.
Your show is not supposed to be a "trigger"... and it would be nice if
you got that message.

Can I just say... poor Bin.
(real estate sign on my parents street)

~ and... inappropriate as it might be... ALL FOUR OF US sat in the car wiping hysterical tears away for a good minute and a half before we drove on...

k... time to git. :)
Have a brilliant day!
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