Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 4

Yeah, so Hi... welcome to Sunday. :)
I'm kinda in a rush to zoom off and meet my mom and go for a house visit with her.

The sun is shining... and Geo seems to be feeling a lot better. He's still "getting over something" ...his energy levels are still looking for "normal" but I'm totally not thinking appendix any more... (is the body part "appendix" spelled like that... like the add-on to a report?).

~ blue ftls
~ old but way comfy gray b.u.m. t (you know, not all T's are created equal... some are so well made... i.e. my b.u.m. t's)
~ pair of nice shorts that ... tottttttally did not fit me last summer (I'm shrinking)
~ fold 87 TONS of laundry
~ go with my mom to "the house" ... she's not seen progress for a month... :D :D
~ big dinner at my folks house tonight to celebrate my sis's 50th ... (wow!)
~ convince suz to start watching the season of 24 we have on the PVR... :)
~ a happy birthday to nbbmom's little nick... :D
~ to just send some good vibes out to shoo...because she's a good girl... :)
~ I could plug a firewire cable into my head and just upload all yer entries... man it's hard to keep up. !


dotcombabe!!! You were so right!! :D

Ok... I gotta go...
I'll find more time later. :)
maybe I'll get a chance to ball-out oprah. :D

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