Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 29

~ eyes right!

Up on time... and had a good morning. Big breakfast for the boys... although Geo is on me hardcore about making muffins so, muffins tonight!
The sun is shining... actually it's s'posed to be quite the hot day.

However it wont be as hot here as it is four hours driving away... in Toronto... Torontonians woke up to a general transit strike today. Toronto already has the worst traffic in the known universe... well... next to that San Palo place... but without transit? hahahahaha... I'd stay in bed. Car or no car... stay in bed and sleep the day away.

Geo and I went for a solid hour and a half of skate park yesterday... I'm sure having fun with that. :) I'm still on my original deck... I'm on the fence about buying a new one... but I've sure been getting some confidence with speeding around, and cruising through the bowls, amps and elements. :) And Geo pushed himself last night... doing a new and harder ramp... Then he spent a while practicing a move with another little boy he just met... The kids there... they all get along so well that it renews my faith in people not being all bad. :)

~ The monday outfit...
~ blue ftls
~ charcoal gray / black suit
~ white tommy shirt...
~ and today's tie? ... the mickey tie.
~ two meetings... one at 11:00 another at 1:00...
~ work on the paperwork that is going to make the rest of this week go smoothly... I have a dozen interviews to do this week... ug!
~ Geo has soccer practice tonight... actually... I think they both do ... in separate parks... so Monday nights are gonna suck.!! :*(
~ do the "house update" that I got no-where near last night... (OMG it's looking outstanding)
~ tape or watch Deal Like Me tonight... and I still haven't watched the season finale of Invasion...
~ to congratulate Nikki (wolfiegirl) on dodging that bullet... er... yeah...
~ for sylvidoptera to... get up again. :)
~ to send some smiles over to mspish... for her "good day". :)
~ and a big wish for gigglecam... that a week into things... she's still doing well. :)

Actual convo from yesterday...
G: Daddy? Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?
C: Well... once upon a time there was proof that Afghanistan was letting terrorists - like those people that crashed airplanes into those buildings - have training camps in their country... so a whole bunch of people... the US, Canada, Britain, ... and others... sent troops and bombs to Afghanistan to let them know how pissed off we were. But that was a long time ago... the Terrorists are not completely stupid so they likely left there and set up training camps elsewhere.
G: Yeah... but why are we fighting now?
C: Apparently somebody has convinced our government that it's a good idea to stay there and force the people there to adopt our way of running a government and stuff... "our way of life" kinda stuff... because their way of life was so distasteful to people who live here in North America.
G: Is that a good thing?
C:No, george... it's not a good thing. Our troops are under constant attack because people just don't like having their country occupied by foreign troops and even though we're doing good stuff with humanitarian aid... we're still blowing up cities, and making lots of dead people.
G: it must be awful over there...
C: Yup... I can't imagine why people sign-up to do stuff like that...

If I told you how I felt,
I'd fill your ears with words like;
happy, curious, filled with desire,
and the notion that satisfaction is a reward .

If I told you how I felt,
I might demure...
and say nothing of what is happening inside.

If I told you how I felt,
Then you'd know all of my secrets.

K... gotta jet.

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