Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 28

Oh it's a been a beautiful weekend. :)
Yesterday was an exceptional day and I took a set of ADIML pictures as it happened. :)
We went to the Gloucester Fair, made signs, took Zebra to the big race... cheered her on and ended the night with a bit of a family feed at a pizza place.
A great day!!! And the weather was most co-operative.

Todays weather... looks just as good... although perhaps less sunny but no rain and nice and warm. :)

We're gonna head over the house soon and I could ... well kind of explode with anticipation.

~ black stripee ftls
~ cotton shorts... kinda khaki...
~ cape cod shirt (which, apparently, I was wearing last sunday...)
~ TO GO TO THE HOUSE... gah! :D :D
~ to turn the zillion pictures from yesterday into A Day In My Life post...
~ skate park with Geo at some point...
~ easy dinner...
~ no evening plans... except working on ADIML and a house update. :)
~ for theartofgirl ... to have her plans and hopes work out...
~ that canuckgirl gets used to short hair...
~ that suburbiadaze finds her way to some kind of justice...
~ and that no would write to me... :)

The last thing I said to Edward last night...
"ED! you can't get a high score on a pedometer!, now go... to... sleep!"

Yesterday in pictures... THE VERY SHORT VERSION.
(I'm working on a much longer version :D)

The "a day in my life" thing will be done tonight I hope... :)

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