Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Overheard at soccer;

"Ohhhh... teal!" squealed by over metabolized asian boy (omab) "I just love that colour...."
"give it to Patrick!"... yelled by the coach far too often. who the hell is Patrick?
Coach (again): "how 'long they been out there?"
(they'd been out there 10 flipp'en minutes... subs in 5 man... the kids get winded at 8...)
caffeine kid: "Lets call ourselves the fuzzy mushrooms."
everybody else: "yeah... fuzzy mushrooms."
omab: "Oh I have a team song!" (bursts into show tune song, featuring the fuzzy mushroom).
Coach: "wait... are they playing again?"
me: "Coach! I'm your new time-keep... I'll call you every four."
Coach: "K... give it to Patrick..."
me: "sigh"
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