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Thursday, May 25

My "talk to the accountant" face... :)

Crazy beautiful day... blue sky... sunshine... cool breeze.
Really nice... Now if it could just keep it up through the weekend... it'll all be good. :D

We sat down to watch Lost last night... but z must have slept through last weeks, so we ended up watching that again... then she fell asleep for this weeks... :)
I watched it anyways... I was more than a little intrigued. :D (Love that show... even though they have Jack!! grrr!)

The morning ritual went great today... boys up, dressed and ready for the school thing without any stress. :D
It's strange how I get such a good feeling by getting them to stuff themselves at breakfast ...
Of course, any day now the summer will hit and the mornings will morph into these mouse quiet vibes while everybody else sleeps.
It'll be nice to not have to hustle in the morning.

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ black t and a two tone beige shirt. :)
~ spend the morning with my accountant... (new concept) and talk taxes, incorporating, cars, and stuff...
~ zoom to work...
~ schedule a week of interviews and meetings... (ug! next week is gonna be tough)
~ tonight? If it doesn't rain, geo will for-sure wanna go skate'en. :)
~ for jeremyb to zone in a better "rest of the day". :)
~ and that cynica manages to save a few people today. :) [ :: do you have emerg supplies? :: ]

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lindalee_... May your year bring you... new customers, and great success [ :: Sugar does Jewelry!! Go check her out! :: ]
And happy birthday to little giabean. Not sure if you realize how remarkable you are? May you find out this year... Be well and enjoy the day sugar. :)
And a very happy birthday to darl'en sugar-nin (ninneviane). May this next year bring you more distantly down the path of the happiness that has found you in the last year. :)

So ... American Idol... Just say'en, what do people really remember?
There's that Clarkson chick who's doing great... wasn't she an idol? er... wasn't the joke about her bum?
Oh and there's that Side Show Bob guy?
Or that barbie doll with the boobs shaved off... that girl Clay.
And the fat guy?
Then this year? Two months and he's "that old guy" to everyone who doesn't masturbate thinking about him.
The auditions are still fun though. :)

~ I totally enjoyed that. Yes... I always want them to just fess up... but then, they'd blow the show.
I think they should have flipped over that guy they shot... and checked him out.
Echo is a nut case.
And they (writers) are gonna have their work cut out for them to explain this chick and the arcticmonitor station stuff. :)

There is a flap in the news around here about a "Poker Tournament / Camp" thing directed at kids... under 17. (therefore, not with real cash bets)
The promoters talk about math skills, competition, and fun.
The expected complaint is how it will turn the kids into hardened criminals, gamblers, drug addicts and ... freaks.
When will there be a generation that remembers the promises they made about how they'll act when the grow up...
Much ado... about squat.

K... see ya. :)

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