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Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 21

Yesterday? nothing but rain. I did manage to get a butt load of groceries... and I bbq'ed a chicken on the "rotisserie attachment" on the BBQ... (Oh my god, it was delicious). But otherwise... it was a lazy day of little chores (like standing in the rain with a dandelion-digger). :)

Today... started with a lot of rain but (gasp) the sun was actually out for a little while there. :)
Of course, Geo shows up immediately asking to go to the skate park. (So I said "we'll see")

Note to self: ohmygod my body hates me... hate hate hate hates me!!! for falling at the stupid skate park. Yes, I'm doing better... ankle/shin thing is much better... and if I fall, I'm all about tucking in and rolling it out... but... man...

We have a reservation at this nice local restaurant to take my mom and dad and suz's mom out for a nobody-has-to-cook dinner. Kind of a late, second, whatever, mothers day dinner.

~ black stripee ftls
~ very old blue jeans...
~ cape cod t.
~ a trip back to Payless.
~ if the rain holds off... a trip to the skate park
~ out to mothers day dinner (just for fun) with my mom, dad and Suzanne's mom. :)
~ watching Desperate House Hoes...
~ that kimberly27616 finds herself quite comfy in the new digs...
~ that the patch is perfect for tonya
~ and that daikan has plenty of bandaids and ointment

Geo and I went out to WallyLand to buy him another pair of shoes... he goes through shoes so darn fast. It started with a need for soccer cleats... but his shoes from last summer fit (they were a bit large last year). His digs "skater" shoes... with the fat tongue etc... So anyways, we ended up bailing on Wallmart for the shoes because he wanted to see more styles... We ended up in the payless shop in the plaza and bought him some airwalk non-skater shoes. Quite the coup actually... :D He loved them... they're basic black "kedd" like shoes (white trim, etc) but with a skull inside and some logo action on the side. Nice double stitching ... BUT I GRABBED THE WRONG SIZE when it was time to pay and leave.
We determined the "wrong size" thing when we got home so I packed him up and we hustled back to the store. We got there BEFORE six... they close at six. And they wouldn't help us... bitches. The manager hag and her skinny little eyebrows-on-her-forehead sales android were both there, behind the locked glass door... avoiding our eyes. I was fucking pissed, but Geo was with me so... I was just quiet. But fuck. So I wrote a letter.

May 20, 2006

Payless ShoeSource
120 Earl Gray Dr.
Kanata, Centrum Plaza
K2T 1B8

Attn: The Manager

Dear Ms. Manager;

As my ten year old son and I stood at the locked door to your store, at three minutes before six o’clock, I realized two very important things: you did not care at all about me as a customer, and that I would never be patronizing your store again.

I returned to your store a few minutes before 6:00 PM yesterday after having purchased a pair of shoes for my son earlier in the day. I was holding my Payless bag in one hand and my receipt in the other. I knocked and tried to tell you that the shoes your sales clerk had sold us were the wrong size and we simply wanted to exchange them for the proper size.

Had you bothered to approach your locked front door you could easily have engaged me in a moment of conversation to either assure me that you wanted to help but were unable, or to actually swap the shoes for the proper size? Instead I watched you shake your head and avoid my eyes.

Your decision to close your store early is, clearly, your own to make. So too is it my choice as to where I take my shopping dollars. There are several other stores in the Centrum Plaza from whom I would receive better service.

Yours disappointedly;

Andrew MyLastName

cc. The Ottawa Sun Newspaper
The Ottawa Citizen
Payless ShoeSource® Customer Service
3231 SE 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66607
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