Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 17

Rain. I should be thankful... it's giving me time to heal up before we end up back in the skate park. I'm so fricking frustrated at this leg thing... I mean, it was not a significant injury. It was just a bad crack on the shin in the garage... and I still have "build up" around above my ankle (blood from the insane "bruise" or hematoma thing)... And the "spot" where I nailed it (almost two weeks ago now) is still stupidly sore. No word yet back from the clinics on the x-rays... but recent experience with them tells me I'll be waiting a while for feedback. GRRRR!!!! (it's like a "goose egg" on my shin... you know when you smack your head and get a big pump? yeah like that ... but it's not going away) (double grrrr!)

The "morning routine" went really well today... Up, dressing and feeding and getting kids off to buses and us off to work without any stress... beyond my flip out in the closet trying to dress... :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ then... I had beige p-z jeans, beige t and this funk meister greenish dress shirt...
~ but ... I noticed a stain on the jeans... so ... gone.
~ then... greenish dockers... but... I felt like a goober when I looked in the mirror.
~ back in the closet... and proceeded to have a "I hate the way I look in everything I own" moment... It was bad.
~ I got a kiss from my sugar who told me she can relate, a hug and then I got dressed again.
~ dk blue dockers again
~ and a light blue shirt. I still think I look like a goober, but ...whatever.
~ eating some deep fried fat rolled in sugar and apple bits... gah... I love apple fritters.
~ work work work...
~ taking the kids to mc-death for dinner...
~ fencing (which is ending soon... sigh)
~ then MAD TV NIGHT... with five hours of shows going on the pvr and watching (hopefully) the end of Amazing Race. :)
~ for dear teaser to feel a whole lot better... way soon!
~ to tell ackies that I care... and I wish I could help sugar.
~ to smile at azbum... just 'cuz...
~ that modernarchetype finds a better vibe today
~ and that justvisiting.... gets exactly what she needs. :)

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday out to kimberly27616kimberly90210. the world has been spinning around like mad for you over the last year, so this wish is easy... May you find a calm place to rest, regain your strength and face this mad mad world with a renewed energy.

I listened to an idiot on the Radio today. Now I would have thought one of the founders of Green Peace wouldn't be an idiot, but alas... (earwax) no such luck. Paul Watson was talking population, immigration and environmental problems. Let me paraphrase his point: All these people are causing the environment to go to crap. So, Paul... what say we just wipe the population out... then the planet can live all peaceful like. Twit. People, let alone a few million mexicans sneaking across the boarder, are such an insignificant part of what's causing environmental distress to the planet that it's stupid. People living in poverty are not going to stay living in poverty een if they're new lifestyle in "the land of the sort-of-free" will mean greater levels of consumption. If they have the chance to improve their lives... they will and I will understand completely. That's like blaming the car engine for polluting. "oh but if you didn't run the engine... then you wouldn't be such a bad polluter!!" (gah!)
Government and Industry can pony up any ol'time now and start taking responsibility for their actions... or inaction on issues related to the slow death of this planet. in Canada, we can't even get our government to "try" to get on board with international efforts to reduce emissions.
Bottom line: this generation of leadership in government and industry will go down in history as the one that new what was wrong and didn't do anything about it. Way to make your legacy guys.

I got a flashlight ... and looked around under my car last night.
OMG do I ever have to get rid of this car... !!! ahhhh.

We got to the "finale" of Prison Break last night (still waiting to get to Gray's Anatomy)... and a) I cannot imagine why they stopped at cutting off that freaks hand... one more chop and he would be done raping and killing... (made no sense). b) and ... that's a lot of regulars dead... I honestly don't know if they'll get me back next season. !! Oh, and I finally managed to get to the episode of Star Trek Enterprise I've been waiting a year or so for... They're replaying the whole thing... I had been watching up until they blew up the "weapon" but never saw what happened next... gotta say, a few guys in dorky alien masks and SS uniforms ... is not a big reward for my patience. :) haha...
And yes, I know... but it's not as much TV as it sounds. :D

:) K... gotta jet. L8R! :D
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