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ok... happy happy happy.... giddy little kiddy...
The demo went so well I'm just shaking... hahahaha....
what a huge relief ... ~ weight lifts off shoulders.

~ the charcoal black suit
~ the no-tie, collarless silk shirt - basically a nipple exploder... all day ... :D
~ more silk boxers, rockports and a little D&G
~ a big smile 'cause this big-ass stress-city demo went so well
~ to kick back and chill this four day weekend...
~ to write a couple of reports and procedures this aft...
~ to watch and totally enjoy the turn of events that will undoubtably occur on my fav TV show tonight.. (S2)
~ I had some idea how I could say something usefull to my dear friend in england that is just not having a very good time at all with the punk-ass'ed Chemo-therapy treatments... I hope she knows that my heart is full of care, concern and love for her little self... and if her hubby-to-be can possibly understand that I mean that in the most non-threatening, considered way possible it would sure be a good thing!
~ that more nights in my life will be like last night... good non-arguing convo's with Z... love and cuddles with the boiz... and a decent sleep (thanks for not waking up in the middle of the night Edward.. :D)

Am I a nut case? come on somebody go ahead and tell me... 'cause the world is a bit pink for me behind these shades. I walk through life bursting with emotions... love comes so easily and I just tend to ignore peeps that dislike me... I regularly collapse with laughter and I cry at stupid things like coca-cola commercials.. (Shit, I can still see Mean Joe Green thowing his ripped jersy at that little kid).

Later Lj. Peace out homies ...

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