Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 147

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mommy's that I know,
and the mommies that are soon to be,
you are the "everything" to your little ones
like my mommy is to me.

Bless you and may the powers that be, keep you safe, keep you warm, and bring you happiness.
Goodness knows you've earned it.

Thank you Anya... for keeping me safe, warm and so very happy.

~ blue ftls
~ new p-z jeans
~ gray t shirt...
~ the very moment Z gets home from running... off to clinic... see below.
~ enjoy the rest of the afternoon...
~ drop in on my Mommy... and give her all kinds of hugs and kisses...
~ and go to dinner at Red Lobster with my MIL and some of suz's family. ;)
~ there was time to just list each and every mom on my FL and tell you something unique and wonderful about each of them... but there is not time... so I will say only this... You give up so much to be a mom... I wish for each of you that life will conspire to reward you with the love you deserve and that it follows you throughout all of the days of your life.

Birthday moment... from yesterday, May 13
Happy Birthday dearest bitchcakes_xoMarianne. I wish for you the very greatest of happiness dear Marianne. You are precious to me... distant... but precious.

I want to rant and rage and scream and shout when I read that the "newest big problem" in Haiti is the systemic rapes that are taking place and that the government does not seem to care... or that the Turkish ambassador has been recalled because our country said out loud the words his country has tried so long to hide... or that yesterday was the "bloodiest day in weeks in Baghdad"....
But I look to a mothers greatest challenge... how to be calm in the face of a shit storm... and offer up only this thought;
If you want things to be better... if you want things to improve... then change must come from within. If change is shoved down their throats... then, it seems, they end up in the same place but with a different face behind the problem. It is a good and caring thing the world does... when it brings aid - financial, food, military, etc. - to the places in the world that need help the most... but we cannot carry their burdens.

There's been a scary build up of fluid on my left shin, and it's all turning yellow-bruise like... press finger against the puffy spot... and it just leaves a dent... Honestly... it's scaring the crap out of me...

See ya soon.
(*Oh and I've a new house post to make later. :D)
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